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Synset: verdant.s.01

Synonyms: verdant


Definition: characterized by abundance of verdure


Lemmas: verdant





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The Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green The Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green is a novel by Cuthbert M. Bede, a pseudonym of Edward Bradley (1827–1889). It covers the exploits of Mr Verdant Green a first year undergraduate at Oxford University. Different editions have varying titles, including "Mr Verdant Green: Adventures of an Oxford Freshman". The same characters reappear in a sequel entitled "Little Mr Bouncer and his friend Verdant Green".
St. Joseph's Academy, Dehradun Let our voices ring out o’er the Doon’s verdant vale,
The Verdant Mile The Verdant Mile is a 2004 extended play album by American folk singer Tracy Grammer.
Barn Elms Ye verdant Elms, that towering grace this grove
Verdant Islands Verdant Islands () are two small tussuck-covered islands between Trinity Island and Hall Island in the Willis Islands at South Georgia. The descriptive name "Verdant Island" was given following the DI survey in 1930. The name was amended in 1985 to include the two islands described.
Hua Hill verdant cliff rises into the blue, tinting the moon with its green."
Azariah Boody They wandered o'er the verdant fields where grew the dandelion.
Verdant Green Verdant Green is a fictional undergraduate at Oxford University, as featured in the Victorian novel "The Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green", by Cuthbert M. Bede (a pseudonym of the clergyman Edward Bradley). He was a student at Brazenface College, a fictional college.
Verdant Works Verdant Works, also known as Scotland's Jute Museum @ Verdant Works, is a former jute mill in the Blackness area of Dundee, Scotland. It was purchased in 1991 by the Dundee Heritage Trust. The trust restored the buildings and opened them in 1996 as a museum dedicated to the textile industry, an industry that once dominated the city's economy.
Verdant universities The verdant universities are an informal group of Australian universities. They comprised universities founded in the 1960s and 70s and are sometimes called 'gumtree' universities. These universities were established in their state capitals, often next to native bush land (now nature reserves), and have lush vegetative campuses - which the naming 'verdant' refers to.
Government National College (Karachi) In front of the main building there are verdant lawns and flowerbeds along the walkways.
Rudsar It is located on a verdant coastal plain with a moderate climate, from Tehran.
Murdoch University Murdoch is a verdant university and a member of the Innovative Research Universities.
Irish Hills (California) The hills support seasonally verdant ("Irish") non-native grasslands, and native chaparral and oak woodland habitats,
Green Township, Lawrence County, Missouri Green Township was named for a verdant prairie within its borders.
Green Ridge Township, Pettis County, Missouri Green Ridge Township was erected in 1873, and named for a verdant ridge within its borders.
Edward Bradley (writer) He wrote under the name of Cuthbert M. Bede, BA a few novels and tales, "Fairy Fables" (1858), "Glencraggan" (1861), "Fotheringhay" (1885), etc. His most popular book was "The Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green", on the experiences of an Oxford undergraduate. There was a sequel, "Little Mr Bouncer and his friend Verdant Green". "Tales of College Life" (often bound with it), introduces the character of "Mr Affable Canary". The celebrated illustrations to the Verdant Green books were the work of the author.
Poggio Sannita Natural oasis in the verdant valley of Verrino equipped for camping and campers.
Fuhai County This county is a verdant lush valley surrounded by the barren deserts and wastelands.
Donatus of Fiesole Her verdant fields with milk and honey flow;Her woolly fleeces vie with virgin snow;