Synsets for "unapproachable"

Synset: unapproachable.a.01

Synonyms: unapproachable

Part of Speech: ADJECTIVE

Definition: discouraging intimacies; reserved

Examples: an unapproachable executive

Lemmas: unapproachable



Antonyms: approachable


Synset: unapproachable.s.02

Synonyms: unapproachable


Definition: inaccessibly located or situated

Examples: an unapproachable chalet high in the mountains | an unreachable canyon | the unreachable stars

Lemmas: unapproachable unreachable unreached out_of_reach





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Unapproachable East (supplement) "Unapproachable East" describes locations such as Aglarond, Rashemen, and Thay for the Forgotten Realms setting.
Unapproachable East (supplement) Unapproachable East is a hardcover accessory for the 3rd edition of the "Dungeons & Dragons" fantasy role-playing game.
List of prestige classes "Unapproachable East", released under the 3.5 rules, includes 12 prestige classes.
Abhaswaras "The Ganas, Gandharvas, Siddhas and saints [...] are engaged in uttering the infinite Praises of the Unapproachable and Unfathomabable'"
Taer The taer appeared in third edition for the Forgotten Realms setting as a player character race in "Unapproachable East" (2003).
Red Wizard More information about the Red Wizards can be found in the "Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting" book, and the supplemental "Forgotten Realms" sourcebooks "Lords of Darkness" and "Unapproachable East".
Matt Wilson (artist) His artwork for "D&D" has been featured in "A Darkness Gathering" (1998), "Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting" (2001), "Faiths and Pantheons" (2002), and "Unapproachable East" (2003).
Ice troll The ice troll appeared for third edition in "Dragon" #301 (November 2002). The ice troll appeared for the Forgotten Realms setting in "Unapproachable East" (2003).
Zombie (Dungeons & Dragons) The tyrantfog zombie appears for the Forgotten Realms setting in "Monsters of Faerûn" (2001). The juju zombie appears in "Unapproachable East" (2003), for the Forgotten Realms campaign setting.
World at Your Feet (TV series) Mei Renxin (Ha Yu) is a weirdo who is withdrawn. He does not get along well with people and is unapproachable.
Monastery of Al-Karkas The Monastery of Al-Karkas is a monastery in Egypt. It stands on a mountain and is said to be unapproachable by road.
Plant creatures (Dungeons & Dragons) "Volodni" are a plant race that was introduced in the 3rd edition rules in the Unapproachable East source book for the "Forgotten Realms" role-playing game.
Walter Hallstein But he was also perceived as cold, unapproachable, and excessively intellectual, respected rather than liked. Edward Heath allegedly said of him "He is just a brain."
She Belongs to Me An alternate interpretation of the song is that it is a paean to Dylan's muse, depicting it as unapproachable but domineering.
Isaac W. Smith (surveyor) His obituary in "The Oregonian" called this devotion to duty his "sterling and unapproachable integrity…his great but unostentatious love for all created things." It went on to state that Isaac Smith was "one of nature's noblemen, a man of lofty nature, who could not stoop to give place in his large and generous heart to anything that partook of the small and petty in act or sentiment. His life was colored strongly by his sense of duty, his sterling and unapproachable integrity…"
Mount Unapproachable Another team of surveyors visited the area in 1926, led by Donald Mackay and Herbert Basedow. On 1 July, they climbed a hill that, after comparing his own observations with those of Giles and Tietkens, Basedow identified as both Mount Unapproachable and Mount Harris. Basedow concluded that this hill was the Mount Unapproachable that Giles had described, and that Tietkens had mistakenly renamed it Mount Harris. On modern maps, however, Mount Harris and Mount Carruthers are indeed the names given to two peaks in the Bloods Range.
Baden-Powell's Unilens Despite its limitations however, the "Unilens monocular" does improve the detail in viewing distant objects which are always in focus. Its small size and weight made it practical to carry in the field and permit viewing of unapproachable animals.
Irene Doukaina It "would not have been so very inappropriate," Anna writes, to say that Irene was "Athena made manifest to the human race, or that she had descended suddenly from the sky in some heavenly glory and unapproachable splendour."
Great Coxwell Barn It is also noted as a favourite of the well known poet William Morris who described the Barn as "unapproachable in its dignity". He would often bring guests to marvel at its splendour.
Scotlandwell The spot where the well now stands was then described as being "an almost unapproachable slough of mire and filth" beside which stood "a half ruinous building used sometimes as a washing house and sometimes as a slaughter house."