Synsets for "un-come-at-able"

Synset: un-come-at-able.s.01

Synonyms: un-come-at-able


Definition: difficult to reach or attain


Lemmas: un-come-at-able un-get-at-able ungetatable





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Richard Hingston Despite his lack of official climbing skills Dr.Hingston was able to come to the aid of Edward Norton at Camp IV when Norton was struck by snow blindness.
Klas Ingesson At Sheffield Wednesday, he encountered players "who went straight to the pub after training but still able to run like wild animals come Saturday".
Early life of Jan Smuts Aside from friendship on this intellectual level, Marais was also able to come to Smuts's rescue at a time of awkward crisis.
Modern Scots Scots employs double modal constructions "He'll no can come the day" (He won't be able to come today), "A micht coud come the morn" (I may be able to come tomorrow), "A tae coud dae it, but no nou" (I used to be able to do it, but not now).
St. Gabriel's Secondary School Sailboat at sea: represents the hardships we experience through life. Just like the sailors at sea, if we are able to face hardship and overcome difficulties, we will come out being better people.
Stefano Garzelli Garzelli was able to mount a come-back for the 2003 Giro d'Italia and was able to challenge eventual winner Gilberto Simoni in the race.
By the Sea (2015 film) Having finally come to terms with their life together, Vanessa seems able to go on and Roland is able to finish writing a new book. It seems also that the young couple next door may be able to work their way through the episode as well, and come out stronger on the other side.
Haptics From Ancient Greek ἁπτικός (haptikós, “able to come in contact with”), from ἅπτω (háptō, “I touch”).
Matthew Steen the—the brains of the Department of Justice—have been able to come up with
Grail (Babylon 5) Garibaldi is able to convince Londo and Vir to come out of their quarters.
Reclaiming Patriotism "People should be able to express national pride without being racist, while at the same time being able to criticise parts of the national story without being labelled un-Australian."
Battle of Masan The UN units were able to defeat and repel the North Koreans repeatedly, including through a coordinated offensive across the entire perimeter. In delaying and pushing back the North Koreans, the 25th Infantry Division was able to buy time for UN forces to counterattack at Inchon, effectively defeating the North Korean Army at the Pusan Perimeter.
Pat Partridge In December 2002, however, he was stricken with pneumonia - a potentially fatal condition at the age of 69. Fortunately for him, he was able to fully recover. Enough, in fact, to come out of football retirement on 19 October 2003.
In Her Skin DePyle calls in a favor with a friend at Australia's Most Wanted - he is able to get special attention from the media, and more people come forward to comfort and help the Barber family in pursuit of their missing daughter.
Maccabi R.F.C. With the majority of the club having come back from winning the gold medal at the 2009 Maccabiah Games, the club was able to secure the 2009 Meldrum Cup.
Louis Smolka In late 2013, Louis was signed by the UFC and was slated to make his promotional debut against Alptekin Ozkilic at UFC Fight Night 35 on January 15, 2014. Smolka was able to come out with a unanimous decision victory.
Bridge of Weir Railway The Bridge of Weir Railway was authorised by Act of Parliament on 7 July 1862. At this time money was hard to come by, but the new Company was able to let a construction contract to George Hunter for £15,931.
Roxy Hunter and the Horrific Halloween At dinner, Jon proposes to Susan. She accepts and they are engaged. Max learns to overcome his depression. Best of all, with the money for the paintings, Stefan's parents are able to come to America.
Unity College, Murray Bridge A group of students come for two weeks and go to school at Unity College. They learn how Australians live and are able to see different landmarks, such as Kangaroo Island.
The Next Iron Chef As the winner of the previous challenge, Maneet Chauhan was able to assign the dishes to prepare to each chef. Mary Dumont, having come in last, received a one-minute penalty assessed at the beginning.