Synsets for "summary"

Synset: summary.n.01

Synonyms: summary

Part of Speech: NOUN

Definition: a brief statement that presents the main points in a concise form

Examples: he gave a summary of the conclusions

Lemmas: summary sum-up

Hypernym: statement

Hyponym: argument capitulation compendium condensation conspectus curriculum_vitae line_score outline overview roundup sketch summation



Synset: drumhead.s.01

Synonyms: drumhead


Definition: performed speedily and without formality

Examples: a summary execution | summary justice

Lemmas: drumhead summary





Synset: compendious.s.01

Synonyms: compendious


Definition: briefly giving the gist of something

Examples: a short and compendious book | a compact style is brief and pithy | succinct comparisons | a summary formulation of a wide-ranging subject

Lemmas: compendious compact succinct summary





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Summary statistics A common collection of order statistics used as summary statistics are the five-number summary, sometimes extended to a seven-number summary, and the associated box plot.
Middlemarch (TV serial) For a full length summary see: "Middlemarch" plot summary.
Femtocell To quote from the "Summary Paper — Summary of Findings":
Jane Eyre (1973 miniseries) For a full length summary see: "Jane Eyre" plot summary.
Summary offence In relation to England and Wales, the expression "summary offence" means an offence which, if committed by an adult, is tried by a summary procedure. In such proceedings there is no jury, the appointed judge decides the guilt or innocence of the accused. Each summary offence is specified by statute which describes the (usually minor) offence and the judge to hear it. A summary procedure can result in a summary conviction.
Summary order w, a summary order is a determination made by a court without issuing a legal opinion. This disposition is also known as a nonopinion, summary disposition, summary opinion, affirmance without opinion, unpublished order, disposition without opinion, or abbreviated disposition. It is not to be confused with summary judgment, which means a decision without trial.
Maxpanda Parts and inventory can be tracked within the system alerting the administrator through email when stock levels fall below a pre-designated level. Work orders, inventory, maintenance spending and more can be easily traced within the software through its internal reports. Available internal reports include: work order status, work order summary, asset cost summary, building cost summary, location cost summary, labour cost summary, vendor cost summary, asset thresholds, location thresholds and submitter summary.
Seven-number summary In descriptive statistics, the seven-number summary is a collection of seven summary statistics, and is an extension of the five-number summary. There are two similar, common forms.
Five-number summary The five-number summary provides a concise summary of the distribution of the observations. Reporting five numbers avoids the need to decide on the most appropriate summary statistic. The five-number summary gives information about the location (from the median), spread (from the quartiles) and range (from the sample minimum and maximum) of the observations. Since it reports order statistics (rather than, say, the mean) the five-number summary is appropriate for ordinal measurements, as well as interval and ratio measurements.
Vanity Fair (1998 TV serial) For a full length summary of the book see: "Vanity Fair" plot summary.
Global Social Venture Competition In the Executive Summary Round, teams submit an Executive Summary of their business idea.
Jane Eyre (2006 miniseries) For a full length summary of Charlotte Brontë's novel, see "Jane Eyre" plot summary.
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Oxford Circle, Philadelphia Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Summary File 1 (SF 1) and Summary File 3 (SF 3)
William D. Quarles Jr. He is the author of "Summary Adjudication: Dispositive Motions and Summary Trials" (1991).
Indictable offence For differences between indictable offences and summary offences see summary offences.
Executive summary There is general agreement on the structure of an executive summary - books and training courses emphasise similar points. Typically, an executive summary will:
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