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Synset: saltlike.s.01

Synonyms: saltlike


Definition: resembling a compound formed by replacing hydrogen in an acid by a metal


Lemmas: saltlike





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Binary compounds of silicon Silicides of group 1 elements are saltlike silicides, except for silane (SiH) whose bonds to hydrogen are covalent. Higher silane homologues are disilane and trisilane. Polysilicon hydride is a two-dimensional polymer network.
Binary compounds of silicon Binary compounds of silicon are binary chemical compounds containing just silicon and another chemical element. Technically the term silicide is reserved for any compounds containing silicon bonded to a more electropositive element. Binary silicon compounds can be grouped into several classes. Saltlike silicides are formed with group 1 and group 2 elements. Covalent silicides occur in compounds with groups 10 to 17.
Binary compounds of silicon Silicides of group 2 elements are also saltlike silicides except for beryllium whose phase diagram with silicon is a simple eutectic (1085 °C @ 60% by weight silicon). Again there is variation in composition: magnesium silicide is represented by MgSi, calcium silicide can be represented by CaSi, CaSi, CaSi and by CaSi, strontium silicide can be represented by SrSi, SrSi and SrSi and barium silicide can be represented by BaSi, BaSi, BaSi and BaSi. MgSi, and its solid solutions with MgGe and MgSn, are good thermoelectric materials and their figure of merit values are comparable with those of established materials.