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Synset: putative.s.01

Synonyms: putative


Definition: purported; commonly put forth or accepted as true on inconclusive grounds

Examples: the foundling's putative father | the putative author of the book

Lemmas: putative





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South African criminal law "Putative" means "supposed." The following are putative defences:
Putative marriage Many U.S. states have a concept of a putative spouse.
Putative marriage In the example above, the putative wife who believed she was married could seek the property division and alimony awards that a legal spouse could have, when the putative spouse discovers that she is not legally married, but her husband could not seek a property division in the putative wife's name or alimony from her, because he knew that their marriage was not legal.
Putative marriage Putative spouse status is a remedial doctrine designed to protect the reasonable expectations of someone who acts on the belief that they are married, and generally entitled a putative spouse to the rights a legal spouse would have for the period from the putative marriage until discovery that the marriage was not legal. It is possible that a person could have both a legal spouse and someone is a putative spouse, as when a person remarries, not realizing that the divorce decree had not been made final for his original marriage; in which case, courts are directed to do what seems appropriate in the circumstances.
Putative marriage A number of states followed the example of the Uniform Marriage and Divorce Act (also sometimes called the Model Marriage and Divorce Act) to establish the concept of a "Putative Spouse" by statute. The concept has been codified in California, Colorado, Illinois, Louisiana, Minnesota and Montana. Case law provides for putative spouse rights in Nebraska, Washington state, Nevada, Texas and Louisiana. Colorado and Montana are the only U.S. states to have both common law marriage and to formally recognize putative spouse status. Putative spouse concepts, called "deemed marriages" are also recognized under the Social Security program in the United States.
Putative father registry or relocate to after the possible conception date that also have putative father registries.
Putative father registry "20 states with a putative father registry and registration forms publicly posted online:"
Disulfide oxidoreductase D The best characterized member of the DsbD family is DsbD of "E. coli" (TC# 5.A.1.1.1). The DsbD protein is membrane-embedded with a putative N-terminal transmembrane segment (TMS) plus 8 additionalTMSs. The smallest homologues (190 aas with 6 putative TMSs) are found in archaea, while the largest are found in both Gram-negative bacteria (758 aas with 9 putative TMSs) and Gram-positive bacteria (695 aas with 6 putative TMSs).
Putative father registry "13 states with a putative registry and no registration forms publicly posted online:"
Putative father registry There is no federal law in place regulating putative father registries.
Putative father registry Putative father registries are not always called such by individual states. Other names for registries include:
Voltage-gated potassium channel Proteins minK and MiRP1 are putative hERG beta subunits.
Aspidella "Aspidella" fossils are found from , with putative representatives dating to .
Fathers' rights movement in the United States "See also: Safe Haven laws & Putative Father Registry"
MOP flippase The yeast protein, called the nuclear division Rft1 protein (TC# 2.A.66.3.1), is 574 aas with 12 putative TMSs. The homologue in "A. thaliana" is 401 aas in length with 8 or 9 putative TMSs while that in "C. elegans" is 522 aas long with 11 putative TMSs.
Intersex medical interventions Argued or putative advantages of surgery in adolescence or later:
Jacques Zwobada His putative daughter, Anne Belghmi Zwobada, married Dr. Abdellatif Filali.
High-level language computer architecture A detailed list of putative advantages is given in .
Porin (protein) 1.B.62 - The Putative Bacterial Porin (PBP) Family
Uteroglobin Real physiological role is not known. Putative functions are: