Synsets for "plug in"

Synset: plug_in.v.01

Synonyms: plug_in

Part of Speech: VERB

Definition: plug into an outlet

Examples: Please plug in the toaster! | Connect the TV so we can watch the football game tonight

Lemmas: plug_in plug_into connect

Hypernym: insert


Antonyms: unplug


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Plug-in hybrid The Netherlands, Sweden, the UK, and the United States have the largest shares of plug-in hybrid sales as percentage of total plug-in electric passenger vehicle sales. The Netherlands has the world's largest share of plug-in hybrids among its plug-in electric passenger car stock, with 86,162 plug-in hybrids registered at the end of October 2016, out of 99,945 plug-in electric cars and vans, representing 86.2% of the country's stock of light-duty plug-in electric vehicles. Sweden ranks next with 16,978 plug-in hybrid cars sold between 2011 and August 2016, representing 71.7% of total plug-in electric passenger car sales registrations. Plug-in hybrid registrations in the UK between up to August 2016 totaled 45,130 units representing 61.6% of total plug-in car registrations since 2011. In the United States, plug-in hybrids represent 47.2% of the 506,450 plug-in electric cars sold between 2008 and August 2016.
Plug-in The term plug-in, plug in or plugin may refer to any of the following:
Plug-in hybrid Plug-in vehicles that were developed only for demonstration programs include the Ford Escape Plug-in Hybrid, Volvo V70 Plug-in Hybrid, Suzuki Swift Plug-in, Audi A1 e-tron, Dodge Ram 1500 Plug-in Hybrid, and Volkswagen Golf Variant Twin Drive.
Plug-in electric vehicles in the United Kingdom The adoption of plug-in electric vehicles in the United Kingdom is actively supported by the British government through the plug-in car and van grants schemes and other incentives. More than 90,000 plug-in electric vehicles have been registered in the UK up until December 2016, making the British plug-in fleet the fourth largest in Europe. The stock of plug-ins includes about 4,000 plug-in commercial vans. These figures includes a significant number of registered plug-in electric cars and vans which were not eligible for the grant schemes. The UK ranked in 2016 as the second best selling European market after Norway with almost 37,000 plug-in cars registered.
Waves Audio Waves has launched plug-ins in collaboration with Abbey Road Studios, such as the King's Microphones plug-in released in 2011, the REDD Console plug-ins released in 2012, the J37 tape saturation plug-in, the RS56 Passive EQ plug-in released in 2013, and the EMI TG12345 plug-in released in 2014.
Plug-in electric vehicle , a total of 30,525 plug-in electric vehicles have been registered in Sweden since 2011, consisting of 21,181 plug-in hybrids, 7,985 all-electric cars and 1,359 all-electric utility vans. The Swedish plug-in electric market is dominated by plug-in hybrids, representing 69.4% of the Swedish light-duty plug-in electric vehicle registrations through December 2016. Sweden has ranked among the world's top ten best-selling plug-in markets for two years running, 2015 and 2016, listed in both years as the ninth largest country market. , the Swedish stock of plug-in cars and vans is the sixth largest in Europe.
History of plug-in hybrids The Hyundai Ioniq Plug-in was released in February 2017. The Ioniq Plug-in delivers in all-electric mode.
Audio plug-in The program used to dynamically load audio plug-ins is called a plug-in host. Example hosts include Mainstage, Bidule, REAPER and Sonic Visualiser. Plug-ins can also be used to host other plug-ins. Communication between host and plug-in(s) is determined by a plug-in API. The API declares functions and data structures that the plug-in must define in order to be usable by a plug-in host. Additionally a functional specification may be provided, which defines how the plug-in should respond to function calls, and how the host should expect to handle function calls to the plug-in. The specification may also include documentation about the meaning of variables and data structures declared in the API. The API header files, specification, shared libraries, license and documentation are sometimes bundled together in an SDK.
Plug-in electric vehicle , there were 18,451 highway legal plug-in electric cars registered in Canada, consisting of 10,034 (54%) all-electric cars and 8,417 (46%) plug-in hybrids. Until 2014 Canadian sales were evenly split between all-electric cars (50.8)% and plug-in hybrids (49.2%). The Model S was the top selling plug-in electric car in Canada in 2015 with 2,010 units sold. The Chevrolet Volt, with 2,544 units sold, ranked as the top selling plug-in car during the first three quarters of 2016.
Plug computer The name "plug computer" is derived from the small configuration of such devices: plug computers are often enclosed in an AC power plug or AC adapter.
Plug-in hybrid PHEVs scheduled for market launch between 2017 and 2018 are the Audi Q7 PHEV, Mercedes-Benz E 350e Plug-in Hybrid, BMW 530e iPerformance, and Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid. In total, Mercedes-Benz plans to introduce 10 new plug-in hybrid models by 2017. The Mitsubishi ASX Plug-in Hybrid is scheduled for market launch in Europe and other markets in 2017.
History of plug-in hybrids , over 247,700 plug-in hybrids had been sold worldwide since 2008. The leading market was the United States, with about 140,000 plug-in hybrids sold, followed by Japan with about 35,600 units, and the Netherlands with 34,362 plug-in hybrids registered. The Volt/Ampera family of vehicles, with global sales of over 83,600 units, ranked as the world's best selling plug-in hybrid and the second best selling plug-in electric car ever, after the Nissan Leaf, which has sold over 140,000 units worldwide. The Prius Plug-in Hybrid ranked second in global plug-in hybrid sales, with 65,300 units sold worldwide through September 2014.
Plug-in electric vehicles in France Sales of plug-in hybrids surged in 2015, with 5,006 plug-in hybrids registered in France, up 228% from 2014. The market share of the plug-in hybrid segment reached a market share of 0.26% of the 1.94 million new car registered in 2015. Light-duty plug-in registrations totaled 27,701 units in 2015. Plug-in passenger cars achieved a market share of 1.17% of total new car registrations in 2015.
Plug-in electric vehicles in France The stock of light-duty plug-in electric vehicles registered in France passed the 100,000 unit milestone in October 2016, making the country the second largest plug-in market in Europe after Norway. It ranks also as the world's fifth largest plug-in market after the U.S., China, Japan and Norway. , and accounting for registrations since 2010, the plug-in electric stock consisted of 61,686 all-electric passenger cars, 24,696 all-electric utility vans, and 12,857 plug-in hybrids. Until 2013, most plug-in cars registered in France were pure electric cars, but from 2015, sales of plug-in hybrid cars rose significantly. After the introduction of super-bonus for the scrappage of old diesel-power cars in April 2015, sales of both segments of plug-in cars surged, and for the first time the French plug-in market share passed the 1% mark in 2015.
Audio plug-in An audio plug-in, in computer software, is a plug-in that can add or enhance audio-related functionality in a computer program. Such functionality may include digital signal processing or sound synthesis. Audio plug-ins usually provide their own user interface, which often contains GUI widgets that can be used to control and visualise the plug-in's audio parameters.
Electric car use by country The stock of the plug-in electric cars in Spain climbed from 70 all-electric cars in 2010 to about 1,200 plug-in electric cars in 2012, and , there were almost 6,000 plug-in electric cars registered in the country, consisting of 4,460 all-electric cars and 1,490 plug-in hybrids. The first 10 plug-in hybrids were registered in the country in 2011.
Sylpheed Sylpheed supports the development of plug-ins. As of February 2015, Sylpheed's website notes an attachment-tool plug-in, an automatic mail forwarding plug-in, and a plug-in for determining whether or not attachments are password-protected.
Electric car use by country The stock of the plug-in electric cars in Portugal climbed from 20 all-electric cars in 2010 to about 530 plug-in electric cars in 2013, and , there were about 2,000 plug-in electric cars registered in the country, consisting of 1,280 all-electric cars and 720 plug-in hybrids. , there were only 180 plug-in hybrids registered in the country.
Plug-in electric vehicle The plug-in hybrid segment in the German market in 2014 experienced an explosive growth of 226.9% year-over-year, and the overall plug-in segment increased 75.5% from a year earlier. Registrations of plug-in electric cars totaled 13,049 units in 2014. The plug-in segment achieved a market share of 0.4% of new car sales that year. The BMW i3 ended 2014 as the top selling plug-in electric car with 2,233 units registered. The surge in sales continued in 2015, the plug-in hybrid segment grew 125.1% year-over-year, while the all-electric segment climbed 91.2% from the previous year. In 2015, plug-in electric car registrations totaled 23,464 units, and the plug-in segment achieved a market share of 0.7% of new car sales. The top selling models in 2015 were the Kia Soul EV (3,839), followed by the BMW i3 (2,271), and the Mitsubishi Outlander P-HEV (2,128).
History of plug-in hybrids , the Dutch market had the largest share of plug-in hybrid sales as percentage of total plug-in electric passenger vehicle sales. Accounting for cumulative registrations between 2009 and June 2015, plug-in hybrids (47,227 units) represented 78.8% share of the Dutch stock of registered plug-in electric passenger cars.