Synsets for "nascent"

Synset: nascent.a.01

Synonyms: nascent

Part of Speech: ADJECTIVE

Definition: being born or beginning

Examples: the nascent chicks | a nascent insurgency

Lemmas: nascent



Antonyms: dying


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NatA acetyltransferase Natp requires longer nascent polypeptide chains to function catalystically than NAC (nascent polypeptide-associated complex) and Hsp70 homologue Ssb1/2p.
Nascent state (disambiguation) Nascent state is a psychological process of destructuration-reorganization.
Nascent hydrogen Nascent hydrogen is purported to consist of a chemically reactive form of hydrogen that is freshly generated, hence nascent. Molecular hydrogen (H), which is the normal form of this element, is unreactive toward organic compounds, so a special state of hydrogen was once invoked to explain certain kinds of hydrogenations. Mechanistic understanding of such reactions is now available, and the concept of nascent hydrogen is discounted, even ridiculed.
Nascent state (chemistry) Nascent state or in statu nascendi (Lat. newly formed moiety: "in the state of being born" or "just emerging"), in chemistry, refers to the form of a chemical element (or sometimes compound) in the instance of their liberation or formation. Often encountered are atomic oxygen (O), nascent hydrogen (H), and similar forms of chlorine (Cl) or bromine (Br). The monatomic nascent forms tend to be more reactive than their most common forms.
Lipoprotein In the blood stream, "nascent VLDL particles" bump with HDL particles; as a result, HDL particles donate apolipoprotein C-II and apolipoprotein E to the nascent VLDL particle; Once loaded with apolipoproteins C-II and E, the nascent VLDL particle is considered mature.
Paul Aue Paul Aue joined the nascent Luftwaffe during the 1930s.
Origins of Judaism Daniel Boyarin (2002) proposes a revised understanding of the interactions between nascent Christianity and nascent Rabbinical Judaism in Late Antiquity which views the two religions as intensely and complexly intertwined throughout this period.
One (Tesseract album) Nascent was released as a promotional single in February 2011, and music videos were released for both Nascent and Deception. Acoustic renditions of Perfection, April and Origin were featured on the Perspective EP.
Francesco Alberoni His sociology books includes "Genesi" (1989), which illustrates his theories about the fundamental experience of the nascent state, the difference between the nascent state and Nirvana, the concept of democracy, and what he terms "Cultural Civilizations".
Vectorial synthesis Vectorial synthesis is synthesis of exported proteins by ribosomes in which the ribosome-nascent chain complex is bound directly to the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and the nascent peptide chain moves through the ER membrane as it emerges from the ribosome
Lipoprotein In the hepatocytes, triacylglycerols and cholesteryl esters are assembled with apolipoprotein B-100 to form "nascent VLDL particles". Nascent VLDL particles are released into the bloodstream via a process that depends upon apolipoprotein B-100.
Nascent state Therefore, falling in love is seen as the nascent state of a collective movement formed of two people only. According to Francesco Alberoni, the phenomenology of falling in love is the same for young people and adults, for men and women and for homosexuals and heterosexuals. This is because the structure of the nascent state is always the same.
Ribosome-nascent chain complex Ribosome-nascent chain complex (RNC) refers to the collection of molecules that constitute a ribosome attached to the polypeptide (protein) that it is synthesising. The synthesis of the nascent polypeptide may be stalled by one of several methods. RNCs are produced and purified in laboratories to study the dynamics, biochemistry, folding and interactions of both the ribosome and proteins undergoing synthesis.
Ḥiyal The nascent Islamic finance industry has also made invoked "ḥiyal" to defend its practices.
Umar Abu Bakr's decision would prove to be crucial in the strengthening of the nascent Islamic empire.
Bermuda Bowl World War II practically destroyed the IBL and its nascent world championship tournament series.
Stephen J. O'Brien Stephen J. O’Brien earned his Ph.D in genetics at Cornell where he expanded the nascent
St. Anne's Society St. Anne is the patroness of mothers, nascent women, widows, sailors, poor schools, and Christians.
Janitor Joe (band) The band's first single, "Hmong", was released on the nascent OXO records imprint in 1992,
The Commonwealth (Pittsburgh) Under Butler's direction the "Statesman" became a proponent of the nascent Whig Party.