Synsets for "internal drive"

Synset: internal_drive.n.01

Synonyms: internal_drive

Part of Speech: NOUN

Definition: a drive mounted inside of a computer


Lemmas: internal_drive

Hypernym: drive




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Internal drive propulsion Internal drive propulsion is a form of marine propulsion commonly used in recreational boating. Like other forms of motorized boating, internal drive propulsion employs a motor that turns a propeller to move the boat forward. The primary difference between internal drive boats and stern drive boats is that the propeller is enclosed inside the hull of an internal drive boat whereas the propeller is exposed outside the hull of a stern drive boat.
Geneva drive An internal Geneva drive is a variant on the design. The axis of the drive wheel of the internal drive can have a bearing only on one side. The angle by which the drive wheel has to rotate to effect one step rotation of the driven wheel is always smaller than 180° in an external Geneva drive and always greater than 180° in an internal one, where the switch time is therefore greater than the time the driven wheel stands still.
Merlin M4000 The M4204T had two internal 720 kB 5¼-inch floppy drives and the M4213T had one internal 720 kB 5¼-inch floppy drive and one internal hard drive with a capacity of either 10 MB or 20 MB. An external 76 MB hard drive and/or a 150 MB Tandberg QIC tape drive could also be connected to the M4000.
Castlewood Orb Drive The Orb Drive was available in internal and external versions.
Samsung NC10 The standard internal hard drive can be replaced with a Solid State Drive (SSD).
Asus Eee PC The Eee PC 1000 contains a fast 8 GB internal SSD and a slower 32 GB internal flash drive.
Apple TV Users have also upgraded the first generation's internal hard drive.
Forat F16 Sounds are saved to or loaded from an optional internal SCSI Zip drive, an external SCSI hard drive or a fast 600 RPM floppy drive.
Shaft-driven bicycle The drive shaft is often mated to a hub gear which is an internal gear system housed inside the rear hub. Manufacturers of internal hubs suitable for use with shaft drive systems include NuVinci, Rohloff, Shimano, SRAM, and Sturmey-Archer.
Hard disk drive performance characteristics SSDs do not have the same internal limits of HDDs, so their internal and external transfer rates are often maximizing the capabilities of the drive-to-host interface.
SyQuest EZ 135 Drive The EZ 135 drive was available with several interfaces. The external drive was available with parallel or SCSI interfaces; the internal drive was available with IDE or SCSI interfaces.
Laptop Some 2017 laptops do not have an internal CD-ROM/DVD/CD drive.
Western Digital In October 2010, Western Digital announced the first 3 TB internal hard disk drive.
Kilobyte in computer networks, internal bus, hard drive and flash media transfer speeds,
CNC machine tool monitoring by AE sensors Sensor-less machine tool monitoring is done by measuring internal drive signals such as:
TiVo TiVo was not designed to have an external drive disconnected once it has been added, because data for each recording is spread across both the internal and external disk drives. As a result, it is not possible to disconnect the external drive without deleting content recorded after the external drive was added. If disconnected, any recordings made will not be usable on either the internal or external drives. However, the external drive may be removed (along with content) without losing settings.
Accessory drive Power for the accessory drive is taken from the central shaft linking the turbine and compressor sections of the engine. This requires an internal gearbox that couples the drive to a radial driveshaft or "towershaft" that drives an external gearbox.
Latin American culture Internal strife and external interference have been the drive behind Latin American history which applies the same to theatre.
Commodore 1571 The drive detects the motor speed and generates an internal data sampling clock signal that matches with the motor speed.
SyQuest SparQ drive The SparQ drive is a removable-disk hard drive made by SyQuest Technology. It was introduced in 1997. The drive was available as an internal version with IDE interface, and an external version for the parallel port. The disk can store 1 GB of data, and, as removable-disk hard drive, contains a solid hard disk platter on which the data is stored.