Synsets for "hoggish"

Synset: hoggish.s.01

Synonyms: hoggish


Definition: resembling swine; coarsely gluttonous or greedy

Examples: piggish table manners | the piggy fat-cheeked little boy and his porcine pot-bellied father | swinish slavering over food

Lemmas: hoggish piggish piggy porcine swinish





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Captain Planet and the Planeteers Gaia, the spirit of the planet, is awakened from a long sleep by Hoggish Greedly, who happens to be drilling above her resting chamber. Realizing that the damage is extensive, Gaia sends five magic rings, four with the power to control an element of nature and one controlling the element of Heart, to five chosen youths across the globe: Kwame from Africa, Wheeler from North America, Linka from the Soviet Union (changed to Eastern Europe after the Soviet Union's dissolution), Gi from Asia, and Ma-Ti from South America.
Frederick Ellis, 7th Baron Howard de Walden In 1893, Blanche sued for divorce and Lord De Walden countersued, in what was viewed as the "cause celebre of the year". Frederick accused Blanche of "undue intimacy" with Count Jenan de Madre of Paris and Captain Winter. Blanche alleged cruelty by her husband as grounds for separation and her counsel cited physical abuse by Frederick, allegations of theft he made against Blanche, and threats to shoot her. According to press reports of the trial, "he frequently returned home drunk and vomited in bed, and developed filthy and hoggish habits, preventing Lady Blanche from sleeping with him."
Ed Asner Asner has also had an extensive voice acting career. In 1987, he performed the role of the title character, George F. Babbitt, in the L.A. Classic Theatre Works' radio theatre production of Sinclair Lewis's novel "Babbitt". He also provided the voices for Joshua on "Joshua and the Battle of Jericho" (1986) for Hanna-Barbera, J. Jonah Jameson on the 1990s animated television series "Spider-Man" (1994–98); Hoggish Greedly on "Captain Planet and the Planeteers" (1990–95); Hudson on "Gargoyles" (1994–96); Jabba the Hutt on the radio version of "Star Wars"; Master Vrook from "" and its ; Roland Daggett on "" (1992–94); Cosgrove on "Freakazoid!"; Ed Wuncler on "The Boondocks" (2005–14); and Granny Goodness in various DC Comics animated series. Asner also provided the voice of famed American orator Edward Everett in the 2015 documentary film "The Gettysburg Address".
Captain Planet and the Planeteers (video game) The Amiga/Atari version has five stages, one for each planeteer, and a final stage in which Captain Planet could be controlled. Each planeteer stage has at least one objective, while some had two: to clean up pollution using the planeteer's magic ring power, and/or to rescue a particular type of animal with the aid of one of the planeteer vehicles. Completing the objectives opens the exit gate for the level; touching environmental hazards or the unusual monsters in the level will lose the player a life, while failing the objective by killing any of the animals will crack the planeteer's ring depicted at the bottom of the screen (in the Amiga version), opening the level's exit gate early. The final level allows the player to control Captain Planet, who must navigate to the end of the stage by using and swapping powers held in bubbles throughout the level, before defeating one of the ecovillans, which is either Hoggish Greedly, Dr. Blight and her computer MAL, Looten Plunder and his assistant Argos Bleak, or Duke Nukem.
Pig-faced women "A Certaine Relation" claims that Tannakin Skinker was born to Joachim and Parnel Skinker in 1618 in "Wirkham, a neuter towne betweene the Emperour and the Hollander, scituate on the river Rhyne". Joachim Skinker is described as "a man of good revenue, but of a great estate in money and cattle." During Parnel's pregnancy, an elderly woman had begged her for money. Parnel was busy and refused to pay, and the old woman had left, "muttering to her selfe the Divells pater noster, and was heard to say 'As the Mother is Hoggish, so Swinish shall be the Child shee goeth withall. At Tannakin's birth her body and limbs were correctly proportioned, but her face had a pig's snout, "not only a stain and blemish, but a deformed uglinesse, making all the rest loathsome, contemptible and odious to all that lookt upon her in her infancie." The midwife who had delivered the baby was sworn to secrecy, and the Skinkers raised her in a private room. She ate from a silver trough, "to which she stooped and ate, just like a Swine doth in his swilling tub".