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Synset: hands-on.s.01

Synonyms: hands-on


Definition: involving active participation

Examples: he's a hands-on manager | hands-on operations

Lemmas: hands-on





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Hands On USA Hands On USA (HOUSA), now All Hands Volunteers, was a relief project established to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. HOUSA was organized by the non-profit relief organization Hands On Disaster Response.
Standing in salah For Hanafis, men put their hands on the navel; women put their hands on their chest.
Hands of Murder Hands of Murder (also known as Hands of Mystery and Hands of Destiny) was an American mystery/anthology series that aired on the DuMont Television Network.
Hands On Miami Hands On Miami Day, which is held in October, is Hands On Miami's annual fundraiser and day of service. Each year, the organization hosts more than 2,000 volunteers over more than 15 sites across the county. Every service opportunity provided by Hands On Miami is free-of-charge to volunteers. In order to ensure that Hands On Miami can continue to provide more than 1,000 service project opportunities each year, the organization asks each volunteer to give a donation for service on Hands On Miami Day.
Crime on Their Hands The title "Crime on Their Hands" is a parody of the expression "time on their hands." The press room scene was recycled in 1956's "Commotion on the Ocean", while the remaining portion of "Crime on Their Hands" was utilized in 1955's "Hot Ice". It is a partial remake of the 1942 Andy Clyde short "All Work and No Pay".
Laying on of hands The laying on of hands was an action referred to on numerous occasions in the Tanakh to accompany the conferring of a blessing or authority. For example, Isaac blessed his son Jacob by laying on of hands ().
Standing in salah Like the Hanafis, men put their hands on the navel; women put their hands on their chest.
Hasta Vinyasas There are two main "Hands on Shoulder Blades" hand positions. One with the hands on their respective shoulderblades, and the other with the hands on their opposite shoulder blades. Both positions are entered in the same way.
Hands On Miami During the third week of April, Hands On Miami hosts a project for Global Youth Service Day. With the aim of engaging the youth of Miami-Dade County, Hands On Miami facilitates a large-impact service project for several hundred volunteers, which is organized by Hands On Miami's Youth Volunteer Corps. Past projects have included Vizcaya and the Miami River Commission.
Blessings of Prayer And Allah’s hands are not tied by anything. On the contrary His hands
Fisherman's Friends They sing the chorus on Show of Hands' popular song Cousin Jack on Show of Hands' "best of" CD "Roots", as well as on the title track.
Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology Programs are focused on hands-on where most courses are divided fifty percent hands-on and fifty percent theory in delivery.
Red hands The slappee is on defense, and attempts to avoid having his hands slapped, by pulling his hands away as the slapper brings his hands over to attempt a slap. However, the slappee cannot flinch too much in attempting to avoid a slap. (On one variation of the game, if the slappee pulls his hands away when the slapper has not brought his hands around, then the slappee must submit to a "free slap" by the slapper.)
Free Hands Free Hands is the name of Emmett Chapman's two-handed tapping method of parallel hands used on his Chapman Stick instrument, and on several other Stick-inspired instruments. Chapman first published his tapping lessons in book form in 1976, and called his method book "Free Hands: A New Discipline of Fingers on Strings"
Hands-on computing Hands-On Computing is a branch of Human-Computer Interaction research, which focuses on computer interfaces that respond to human touch or expression, allowing the machine and the user to interact physically. Hands-on computing can make complicated computer tasks more natural to users by attempting to respond to motions and interactions that are natural to human behavior. Thus hands-on computing is a component of user-centered design, focusing on how users physically respond to virtual environments.
Hands All Over (Maroon 5 song) Upon the release of "Hands All Over", due to the strong digital downloads, "Hands All Over" appeared on the national charts in South Korea and Spain. The song debuted and peaked at number 20 on the South Korea Gaon International Chart. On the Spanish Singles Chart, "Hands All Over" peaked at number 38 and stayed on the chart for one week.
Locked hands style To achieve this result, the pianists's hands must be placed close together on the keyboard and both hands move simultaneously in the same direction. To an observer, the pianist's hands appear to be locked together.
Hands On Science Outreach, Inc. Hands On Science Outreach, Inc. was a national non profit organization registered in Maryland, United States, that conducted informal science education programs from 1984-2007. Their first program was entitled "Hands On Science Outreach".
Three player mahjong Hands are optional and players may use all hands or choose based on consensus which ones to use. As all are difficult and the limit hands being very rare, all hands are included by most experienced players.
Pan's Labyrinth The pale man's eyes on his hands is a feature shared by the Japanese mythological monster the Tenome. Te-no-me means "eyes on hands".