Synsets for "fund-raising campaign"

Synset: fund-raising_campaign.n.01

Synonyms: fund-raising_campaign

Part of Speech: NOUN

Definition: a campaign to raise money for some cause


Lemmas: fund-raising_campaign fund-raising_drive fund-raising_effort

Hypernym: campaign




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Typhoon Morakot Fund raising shows such as Artistes 88 Fund Raising Campaign were held in Taiwan and Hong Kong.
Weisseritz Valley Railway The damage was estimated to be around €20 million and a fund-raising campaign was organised.
John Tay After a fund raising campaign, the schooner "Pitcairn" was purchased for US $12,000 in 1890.
Fundraising A second type of capital campaign is the comprehensive, integrated, or total development campaign, which aims for a longer fund-raising program based on a long-term analysis of the organization's needs and direction. This form of capital campaign includes ordinary fund-raising actives, such as annual gift drives, which are "slower-paced and lack the intensity of the traditional capital campaign".
Rudy Boschwitz He was a top "Bush Pioneer" in 2000, fund-raising $388,193, and a "Bush Ranger" in 2004, raising a minimum of $200,000 for George W. Bush's campaign fund in that election cycle.
Bryan G. Rudnick In 2009 he consulted for the Earl Sholley campaign, in which he is running for the second time for the U.S. Congress against Barney Frank in Massachusetts's 4th congressional district on email fund-raising and social media. He also consulted for the Doug Hoffman for Congress campaign on email fund-raising and for the Curt Price for Congress campaign..
The People's Voice (internet TV station) It was created with a crowdsourcing campaign on the fund-raising platform indiegogo. Its main creator was author David Icke.
Christos Cotsakos Cotsakos served as campaign chairman for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Center helping to secure a $10M raising for the fund.
Francis Mugavero He was a founder of the Campaign for Human Development, an annual fund-raising drive for the poor.
SMTH BBS Late June, the SMTH community launched a fund-raising campaign for a student who fell seriously ill.
Stephen M. Ross Ross was co-chair of the University of Michigan's fund raising campaign, which was completed May 2007.
Antipolo In 1948, a national committee was formed to undertake a nationwide fund-raising campaign to build the Cathedral of Antipolo.
HOPES (Help Of Patients in Exigency by Students) This Annual Zakat Campaign is one of the major fund raising event that helps H.O.P.E.S. to stay strong and steady.
Artistes 512 Fund Raising Campaign Artistes 512 Fund Raising Campaign () was a major fund raising campaign held in Hong Kong for the victims of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake. The concert was held on June 1, 2008, and began at 2:28pm, the time the earthquake had struck Sichuan on May 12. The show was 7 to 8-hours long, featuring more than 200 stars from Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China. The theme song is lyrics rewriting of 海闊天空 sung by Beyond (band).
Atheist Bus Campaign In New Zealand, fund-raising was started in December 2009 for the NZ Atheist Bus Campaign, administered by the Humanist Society of New Zealand.
L'Acadie Nouvelle The newspaper was established following the closure of "L'Évangéline" (Acadian newspaper) in October 1982. The initial financing of the project was made possible with a fund-raising campaign raising $350,000.
Zampa the Lion Zampa has been involved in numerous fund raising events, including running the 2010 London Marathon, raising over £13,000 for the Everyman Cancer Campaign which was founded by Millwall former player and all-time top goalscorer Neil Harris.
Pierre Jean Jeanniot Pierre Jeanniot has been Honorary President of the Canadian Cancer Society fund-raising campaign, and presided in a similar capacity for the Youth and Music Canada Foundation.
Lafayette Central Catholic Jr/Sr High School In 1959, Senator John F. Kennedy brought his presidential campaign to Central Catholic. He spoke before thousands at a fund-raising dinner in McHale Gymnasium.
Sumner Welles In 1944, Welles lent his name to a fund-raising campaign by the United Jewish Appeal to bring Jewish refugees from the Balkans to Palestine.