Synsets for "follow through"

Synset: follow_through.v.01

Synonyms: follow_through

Part of Speech: VERB

Definition: carry a stroke to natural completion after hitting or releasing a ball


Lemmas: follow_through

Hypernym: hit




Synset: follow_through.v.02

Synonyms: follow_through

Part of Speech: VERB

Definition: pursue to a conclusion or bring to a successful issue

Examples: Did he go through with the treatment? | He implemented a new economic plan | She followed up his recommendations with a written proposal

Lemmas: follow_through follow_up follow_out carry_out implement put_through go_through

Hypernym: complete

Hyponym: adhere



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Follow Through (project) Due largely to the sociocultural context in which "Follow Through" was born, planners deliberately structured the program to minimize the involvement of federal officials in the implementation effort. The more "Follow Through" could be perceived as a locally controlled effort, the better. OEO hoped “idealistically” that "Follow Through" could satisfy both empirical and social action purposes.
Follow Through (project) Follow Through was the largest and most expensive experimental project in education funded by the U.S. federal government that has ever been conducted. The most extensive evaluation of "Follow Through" data covers the years 1968-1977; however, the program continued to receive funding from the government until 1995. "Follow Through" was originally intended to be an extension of the federal "Head Start" program, which delivered educational, health, and social services to typically disadvantaged preschool children and their families. The function of "Follow Through", therefore, was to provide a continuation of these services to students in their early elementary years.
Educational technology Assessments "of" educational technology have included the "Follow Through" project.
Parent–child interaction therapy command during play time and follow through with the appropriate
Break Through (album) Both "Break Through" and its follow-up, "Risky", are considered the band's most synth-heavy albums.
Magica (band) The band's follow-up release was called "Wolves and Witches" and was released through AFM Records in October 2008. In 2010 the band recorded and released their follow-up, "Dark Diary", through AFM.
Follow Through (project) "Follow Through", like "Head Start", was enormous in scope, and designed to remedy the fact that "poor children tend to do poorly in school". Despite the cut in funding, it nevertheless served a substantial number of students. At its height, the program would grow to encompass 20 different sponsored interventions and approximately 352,000 "Follow Through" and comparison children in 178 projects nationwide.
Follow Through (project) "Head Start" personnel remained involved in the design and implementation of "Follow Through", although it appeared they were working at separate ends from the planning group of the OEO, who viewed "Follow Through" as an empirical investigation. Much of what occurred during the planning stage—which Egbert describes “as a time of haste and confusion”—was an attempt to satisfy constituencies of both perspectives.
Hilbert Wildlife Management Area From Charleston, follow U.S. Route 119/WV Route 214 to Alum Creek, then follow WV Route 214 west through Sod to Joes Creek Road. Follow Joes Creek Road north to the Hilbert WMA.
De Bruijn sequence For example, suppose we follow the following Eulerian path through these nodes:
Bowling action The follow through is the motion of the bowler after releasing the ball.
Chinese archery follow through where the bow spins in the bow hand, and the draw arm
South Carolina Highway 28 Business loop use to follow original SC 28 through the downtown Seneca; has since been decommissioned.
Mexican Health and Aging Study Follow-up master file to link study subjects through the three waves
J. E. Macdonnell Several books follow Jim Brady through the ranks from Able Seaman to Captain.
Chris Feinstein "Follow the Lights" EP (2007) and "Cardinology" (2008) and toured extensively worldwide through 2009.
Thin lens Certain rays follow simple rules when passing through a thin lens, in the paraxial ray approximation:
Megan Bernard She released her debut EP "Follow It Through" in August 2016, produced by MEJU.
St. Mother Teresa Catholic Academy Courses taught at the school follow the Ontario Curriculum for Grades 9 through 12.
Instituto Nacional de Estadística (Spain) Through the official website you can follow all the updates of different fields of study.