Synsets for "declarable"

Synset: declarable.s.01

Synonyms: declarable


Definition: that must be declared

Examples: declarable income

Lemmas: declarable





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United Kingdom Alternative Vote referendum, 2011 While the Yes campaign has released figures of all donations over the declarable limit since it was set up, the No campaign has not declared any donations prior to the referendum bill receiving Royal Assent, as they are not required to do under the relevant regulations. David Blunkett, a No campaigner, has called on the No campaign to do so.
Confrontation (Rackham) The unbalancing army cards were removed in this edition. Also removed was the declarable target number while making attack die rolls. Separate shooting and magic phases were also done away with. Now the round is based on only 4 phases with shooting taking place in the activation and magic being used throughout the round dictated by card text.
International Material Data System All substances must be declared in the material data sheet (MDS) of the IMDS to a resolution of 1 gram or better - not just declarable and prohibited substances (e.g. Cr VI / Hg / Pb / Cd). Substances and materials of products must be known in detail so that it may be delivered by the OEMs to dismantler companies in order to achieve the goals of the ELV Directive.
Ethics Commissioner (Canada) The Office administers these two regimes through a variety of activities. These include providing confidential advice to public office holders and elected Members of Parliament about how to comply with the Act and the Members' Code. The Office also reviews these individuals' confidential disclosures of their assets, liabilities and activities, and is tasked with making publicly declarable information available through a public registry, investigating possible contraventions of the Act or Members' Code, and reporting to Parliament.
Confucius Within the "Analects", he is often referred to simply as "the Master" (子 Zǐ). In 1 AD, Confucius was given his first posthumous name, the "Laudably Declarable Lord Ni" (褒成宣尼公). In 1530, he was declared the "Extremely Sage Departed Teacher" (至聖先師). He is also known separately as the "Great Sage" (至聖), "First Teacher" (先師), and "Model Teacher for Ten Thousand Ages" (萬世師表).
United Kingdom Alternative Vote referendum, 2011 The No campaign released a list of donors on 9 April 2011, which included several major donors to the Conservative Party, including Lord (John) Sainsbury, Michael Farmer, Lord Harris, Lord Fink and Lord Edmiston. In total, the No campaign had raised by that date £1.8m in donations of over the declarable limit of £7,500 from 41 donors, with the largest being from philanthropist Peter Cruddas, founder of the CMC spread betting firm, who gave £400,000.
George Wimpey When Mitchell took George Wimpey public in 1934, he set up a unique ownership scheme wherein the charitable Tudor Trust held about half of the firm's shares. The Tudor Trust later diluted its stake to 5% (as a result of a rights issue) from 34%, which was in itself steadily reduced over the years. Just before the Taylor Wimpey merger on 2 July 2007, the Tudor Trust no longer held a reportable interest in its own name in George Wimpey, such interest being below the declarable 3% threshold.
Saint Helena Airport In contrast to the 2011 reference design for the airport it would now have a full runway end safety area (RESA) at the southern end of the runway instead of the planned engineered materials arresting system (EMAS). The intention was to add an EMAS designed for Boeing 737-800 later butting onto the southern end of the paved runway to increase the declarable landing distance available (LDA) to , to allow the operation of larger aircraft such as the Boeing 737-800 and Airbus A320.
Roy Thomason Thomason's political difficulties intensified in July when the House of Commons Select Committee on Standards and Privileges ruled that the loans he had received to help him stave off bankruptcy were a declarable interest which he should have revealed. The Commissioner, Sir Gordon Downey, found that the banks had taken political considerations into account when making arrangements. Having not resolved his financial situation, on 3 September the Bromsgrove Conservative Association voted to open the selection to other applicants – in effect signalling their loss of confidence in Thomason. On 18 September, Thomason decided he would not offer himself as a candidate for reselection and would stand down as an MP.
BCPL BCPL handles bindings spanning separate compilation units in a unique way. There are no user-declarable global variables; instead there is a global vector, which is similar to "blank common" in Fortran. All data shared between different compilation units comprises scalars and pointers to vectors stored in a pre-arranged place in the global vector. Thus the header files (files included during compilation using the "GET" directive) become the primary means of synchronizing global data between compilation units, containing "GLOBAL" directives that present lists of symbolic names, each paired with a number that associates the name with the corresponding numerically addressed word in the global vector. As well as variables, the global vector also contains bindings for external procedures. This makes dynamic loading of compilation units very simple to achieve. Instead of relying on the link loader of the underlying implementation, effectively BCPL gives the programmer control of the linking process.