Synsets for "dead-on"

Synset: dead-on.s.01

Synonyms: dead-on


Definition: accurate and to the point

Examples: a dead-on feel for characterization | She avoids big scenes...preferring to rely on small gestures and dead-on dialogue"- Peter S.Prescott

Lemmas: dead-on





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Taboo on the dead The taboo on the dead includes the taboo against touching of the dead and those surrounding them; the taboo against mourners of the dead; and the taboo against anything associated with the dead.
Dead Mare Wash Dead Mare Wash was so named on account of a mare which was found dead there.
Dead Rising "Dead Rising Collection" is a compilation for Xbox 360 containing all the games from the Dead Rising franchise released on Xbox 360: Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2 and its downloadable content Case Zero & Case West, and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. It was released on March 7, 2014 exclusively in Europe.
Living Dead Directed by Rob Kuhns. "Birth of the Living Dead" focuses on the impact "Night of the Living Dead" had on pop culture.
Phalaenostola metonalis Larvae feed on dead grass and dead leaves of deciduous trees. Larvae have also been reared on dandelion and lettuce.
Dead key On the Macintosh, many keyboard layouts employ dead keys. In the "U.S." layout, the following selection of dead keys appears:
Dead Space: Downfall A second film based on the "Dead Space" franchise has been released. "" was released on January 25, 2011, alongside "Dead Space 2".
Dead Sea products Dead Sea products refers to cosmetic, health and chemical products based on components extracted from the Dead Sea, such as Dead Sea salt or mud. Potash is another product derived from the Dead Sea.
House of the Dead 2 (film) House of the Dead 2 (alternately titled House of the Dead II: Dead Aim) is a 2005 film and a sequel to the 2003 horror film, "House of the Dead". The film was directed by Michael Hurst and premiered at the Sitges Film Festival in Spain on October 14, 2005, and premiered in the United States on the Syfy on February 11, 2006.
City of the Dead (video game) Hip Interactive announced on December 15, 2004 that they had made an agreement with Living Dead Productions to produce a series of games based on Romero's films, with "City of the Dead" being the first to be developed and released. The company also expected to develop games based directly on the movies "Night of the Living Dead" and "Dawn of the Dead".
Dead Set (album) Dead Set is a live album by the Grateful Dead. It was released in August 1981 on Arista.
Dead Is Dead "Dead Is Dead" is the 12th television episode of the fifth season of ABC's "Lost". The 98th episode of the show overall, "Dead Is Dead" aired on April 8, 2009, on ABC in the United States and aired on April 12, 2009 on Sky1 in the United Kingdom. The episode was written by editor Brian K. Vaughan and co-executive producer Elizabeth Sarnoff and directed by Stephen Williams.
On Dress Parade Alternate titles for this film are "Dead End Kids on Dress Parade" and "Dead End Kids at Military School".
Heteroteucha distephana The larvae live in silked dead leaves. They feed on dead leaves of "Eucalyptus" species.
Waubojeeg On that day, when our chieftains lay dead, lay dead,
Dead Girl Dead Girl starred in the miniseries "X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl". The series ran for five issues and focuses on a vengeful dead villain, The Pitiful One, intent on gathering other residents of Hell - such as Miss America, Kraven, Mysterio, The Ancient One, and Dead Girl's previous teammate The Anarchist - to bring himself to life once more.
DOA DOA is often an acronym for dead on arrival or Dead or Alive.
Asymphorodes dimorpha Larvae have been recorded feeding on dead leaves, dead grass and dead plant materials in turf. The larvae are whitish and do not make cases.
Dead Voices on Air Dead Voices on Air is Mark Spybey's experimental and industrial project formed after his departure from Zoviet France. Dead Voices on Air has collaborated with artists such as Not Breathing and cEvin Key of Skinny Puppy.
Hypoxylon Hypoxylon is a genus of Ascomycetes commonly found on dead wood, and usually one of the earliest species to colonise dead wood. A common European species is "Hypoxylon fragiforme" which is particular common on dead trunks of beech.