Synsets for "dead-end"

Synset: dead-end.s.01

Synonyms: dead-end


Definition: lacking opportunities for development or advancement

Examples: stuck in a dead-end job

Lemmas: dead-end





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1313 Dead End Drive 1313 Dead End Drive is a murder-themed board game from Parker Brothers. Released in 2002, it was the sequel to 1993 game "13 Dead End Drive".
13 Dead End Drive 13 Dead End Drive is a murder-themed board game from Milton Bradley. Released in 1993, it was followed in 2002 by a sequel, "1313 Dead End Drive".
Cul-de-sac (disambiguation) A cul-de-sac is one of many alternative names for a dead end, sometimes called a "dead-end street", a street with only one inlet/outlet. It is usually used for a dead end that has a circular end.
Cemetery Station No. 4 railway station Loop sidings were provided at the station opposite the train platform. The branch line terminated in a dead-end beyond No. 4 Mortuary Station, and a dead-end siding was provided at the terminal end. The loop siding standing room was 654 ft, terminal dead-end standing room was 595 ft, and dead-end Siding standing room was 645 ft.
On Dress Parade Alternate titles for this film are "Dead End Kids on Dress Parade" and "Dead End Kids at Military School".
Call a Messenger Dead End Kids Billy Halop and Huntz Hall returned to Universal beginning with this film. Universal decided to pair the Dead End Kids with the Little Tough Guys. Pretty soon, most of the other Dead End Kids would also sign on. In this film, the billing appears as: "Billy Halop and Huntz Hall of the Dead End Kids and the Little Tough Guys".
Dead End (band) Dead End (stylized as DEAD END) is a Japanese heavy metal/hard rock band formed in Tokyo in 1984. They were one of few Japanese metal bands who had international exposure in the United States during the eighties. Originally disbanded in 1990, Dead End reunited in 2009 after almost two decades.
Dead End (2003 film) Dead End is a 2003 French horror drama film written and directed by Jean-Baptiste Andrea and Fabrice Canepa. Although "Dead End" only had a budget of $900,000 it made a total of $77 million from DVD sales.
The Red Line Archives "Cyborg Era / Dead End" is a mash-up of "Death in Cyborg Era" ("Cold Dark Matter") and [Dead End] ("Sick Transit Gloria Mundi").
Taylors Creek Trail Dead end in the west at Kings Road. Dead end in the east at Burrowye Crescent - i.e. excluding the valley floor route.
Ben Hmida Mosque The mosque is located in 2 El Halib dead-end or the milk "dead-end", near Bab Lakouas, one of the medina's gates that disappeared.
Mule (band) 1993 - Dead End Destiny Compilation Tennessee Hustler
Skeleton Creek Trail Upper section: Dead end near Sayers Road. Connects to the Federation Trail at the southern end.
Dead End (1937 film) "Dead End" was filmed from May 3 through July 8, 1937.
Dead End Drive-In "Dead End Drive-In" was included in "", a 2008 documentary about Australian exploitation films.
1313 Dead End Drive "1313 Dead End Drive" has five different booby traps that can be sprung throughout the mansion.
Dead End Drive-In Quentin Tarantino has cited "Dead End Drive-In" as his favorite film from Trenchard-Smith.
Dead End in Norvelt In the book "Dead End In Norvelt", people use power to control others.
David Gorcey He is not usually thought of as one of the "original" Dead End Kids, but he did have a small role in the 1935 Broadway production of Sidney Kingsley's "Dead End". During his time as a cast member of "Dead End", David helped secure a role for his older brother Leo, who ultimately became a star while David remained a supporting character.
Huntz Hall He appeared on Broadway in the 1935 production of "Dead End", a play written and directed by Sidney Kingsley. Hall was then cast along with the other Dead End Kids in the 1937 film "Dead End", directed by William Wyler and starring Humphrey Bogart.