Synsets for "cudgel"

Synset: cudgel.n.01

Synonyms: cudgel

Part of Speech: NOUN

Definition: a club that is used as a weapon


Lemmas: cudgel

Hypernym: club

Hyponym: bastinado shillelagh



Synset: cudgel.v.01

Synonyms: cudgel

Part of Speech: VERB

Definition: strike with a cudgel


Lemmas: cudgel fustigate

Hypernym: hit




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Cudgel (horse) Cudgel (1914–1941) was an American two-time Champion Thoroughbred racehorse.
The Wishing-Table, the Gold-Ass, and the Cudgel in the Sack The donkey and cudgel are exhibited in the Dutch theme park De Efteling.
Isshin-ryū The kata itself uses the bo in a horizontal manner, different from other cudgel traditions.
Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy Luan Ping, "liaison adjutant under Horse Cudgel Hsu, bandit chieftain of Breast Mountain"
Holocausto Canibal One year later, Holocausto Canibal inked a deal with German Cudgel Agency to record and release their third album, "Opusgenitalia".
Wushu (sport) Nangun (南棍 or Southern cudgel) is a Nanquan method of using the staff. This event was created in 1992.
The Wife of Auchtermuchty After a quarrel the husband decides, with some persuasion from his cudgel-wielding wife, to return to his usual work.
1. FC Union Berlin "Ritter Keule" (Literally: Cudgel the Knight) is the mascot of Union Berlin. He was first introduced in 2000.
Cudgel (horse) Cudgel raced at age three in 1917. He finished eleventh in the Kentucky Derby but showed some of his developing abilities when he finished second in the Latonia Derby. Frequently ridden by Earl Sande as well as Johnny Loftus, at age four Cudgel was the dominant older horse of 1918. The next year, despite a long layoff between May and August as a result of an injury, he came back to share Champion Older Horse honors with Sun Briar.
The Wishing-Table, the Gold-Ass, and the Cudgel in the Sack The third son went to work for a woodsmith and is given a magic cudgel in a bag. Whenever someone is injust the owner of the cudgel just needs to say: "Cudgel out the sack!" and the object will start clobbering the wrongdoer. Only when the owner says: "Cudgel in the sack!" will the thing return in the bag. Just like his brothers the son visits the same inn, because he learned from their letters what had happened. Instead of demonstrating the powers of his possession he deliberately remains vague about it, making the inn keeper curious enough to go out at night and try to look what's in the bag? Then the son orders the cudgel to beat the inn keeper up until he returns everything he has stolen. When the son returns home with the table, donkey and cudgel he tells his father what had happened and demonstrates the powers of the objects. His father finally makes peace with his sons and they all live a rich life ever after.
Santavuori (hill) A windfarm with 20 wind turbines is currently being built on Santavuori. Santavuori was given its name in 1597 during the Cudgel War.
Mikkeli On January 23, 1597, more than 200 peasant rebels were killed in the parsonage of Kenkävero in part of the larger Cudgel War.
Esan people Typical Esan weapons would include the bow and arrow, crossbow, barbed cudgel and machete, in addition to Dane guns used after the fifteenth century.
Scapino SCAPIN. (to GÉRONTE.) It is you, Sir, I have offended the most, because of the beating with the cudgel which I...
Weapons of the Gods (comics) At the great hall, despite being warned by Heartblade not to accept "Heaven's Crystal" because of its curse, Yi Nangong did and unsheathed the blades. Inferior weapons in the vicity shattered at the presence of the divine weapon. The Sky-Lord of the Hell Clan arrived to seize it. He had been issued a specially crafted weapon, "Thunder Cudgel", for his mission, leading to the "Thunder Cudgel" clashing in full force against "Heaven's Crystal".
Ruyi Jingu Bang A weapon that predicts the Compliant Rod from the Ming version is mentioned in passing early on in the tale. Monkey mentions that the Queen Mother of the West had flogged him with an "Iron Cudgel" (铁棒) on his left and right sides for stealing 10 peaches from her heavenly garden. He later borrows the cudgel to use in tandem with the monk's staff to battle 9 dragons. The rings on the latter may have influenced the bands on the former.
The Wishing-Table, the Gold-Ass, and the Cudgel in the Sack "The Wishing-Table, the Gold-Ass, and the Cudgel in the Sack" is a fairytale by the Brothers Grimm. The original German name is "Tischlein deck dich, Goldesel und Knüppel aus dem Sack".
Huang Zitao Zitao has received formal training in Wushu since the age of five. Competing in his hometown of Qingdao, he won 1st place for cudgel play, 2nd place for swordsmanship and 3rd place at the International Championships of Martial Arts.
Maczuga Herkulesa Maczuga Herkulesa is a tall (30 meters) limestone monadnock situated in Ojców National Park near Pieskowa Skała, north of Kraków in southern Poland. Its name, in Polish, means the "cudgel (or bludgeon) of Hercules", due to its distinctive shape.
Saint Cuthbert (Dungeons & Dragons) Saint Cuthbert wields a powerful artifact called the "Mace of Cuthbert". Other magic items associated with Saint Cuthbert include the "cudgel that never forgets" and the "tabard of the great crusade".