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Synset: conceptional.s.01

Synonyms: conceptional


Definition: being of the nature of a notion or concept

Examples: a plan abstract and conceptional | to improve notional comprehension | a notional response to the question

Lemmas: conceptional ideational notional





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Rick Heinrichs He also contributed conceptional designs for Tim Burton's failed "Superman Lives" project.
Che Baraka Che Baraka is a mixed media artist whose conceptional and abstract paintings have been exhibited across the United States.
Random Magazine Other casts include Dr. Kaalia, Slutty Savitri, The Chickens, Miller ke Chacha and others have been a part of the "Random" family since the magazine’s conceptional stage.
Sustainable art Since 2005 there is a Sustainable Arts Biennale running at Ihlienworth near Hamburg, Germany, curated by the German conceptional artist and curator Samuel J. Fleiner.
Massacre in Korea At by , the work is smaller than his "Guernica". However, it bears a conceptional resemblance to that painting as well as an expressive vehemence.
Buda Castle The ruins of the lower church were discovered by archeologists in 1949–50. The remains were buried in 1953 because of conceptional disputes about the possible reconstruction. The chapel, finally reconstructed by 1963, was re-consecrated in 1990.
Public opinion The German sociologist Ferdinand Tönnies, by using the conceptional tools of his theory of Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft, argued (1922, ""Kritik der öffentlichen Meinung""), that 'public opinion' has the equivalent social function in societies ("Gesellschaften") which religion has in communities ("Gemeinschaften").
Palace Chapel (Buda Castle) The ruins of the lower church were discovered by archeologists in 1949-50. The remains were buried in 1953 because of conceptional disputes about the possible reconstruction. The chapel was finally reconstructed by 1963. It was re-consecrated in 1990.
Chazakah The conceptional terminology is "default status", "agreed properties" or Status quo of an object, land or person − usually when sufficient proof is missing or unavailable. The concept is relevant to many aspects of Talmudic law and Halakha.
Georg Schramm From 2000 to 2006 he was a regular guest in the "Scheibenwischer" which he co-hosted since 2003. He left the show on 24 April 2006 for reasons of conceptional and personal differences with fellow co-hosts Bruno Jonas and Mathias Richling. From 2007 to 2010 he co-hosted "Neues aus der Anstalt" with Urban Priol.
Nucleus Torn With every new album, Nucleus Torn open new vistas of sound in the realm of avant-garde rock music. Fredy Schnyder, multi-instrumentalist and founder of this ambitious project from Switzerland, plays up to twenty electric and acoustic instruments and ventures radical musical innovations. Following "Nihil" (2006) and "Knell" (2008), "Andromeda Awaiting" provides the disillusioned, yet conciliatory completion of a conceptional trilogy.
Feró Nagy He participated in Hungarian politics and was a member of the right-wing Hungarian Justice and Life Party from the early 1990s to 1999. He was a showman in Rádió Pannon for months, but, because of personal and conceptional conflicts, left the radio. When the party, as a retorsion, disrated him and revoked his state as a campaigner, he left the party.
Frank Leder "The Essence" should be understood as a field of experimentation and conceptional exploration into topics ranging from art to design, resulting in items of jewellery, clothes and art works, which find their place in fashion shops as well as art galleries.
Aachen Cathedral Treasury One conceptional area is the documentation of the Cathedral as the church of Charlemagne. The late gothic silver-gilt Bust of Charlemagne, a model for countless later reliquaries stands in the centre of this section. The Persephone sarcophagus, the Roman marble sarcophagus of the early third century in which Charlemagne was buried in the Cathedral is also here.
The Wachowskis After completing "The Matrix", the Wachowskis were looking to make an animated adaptation of Frank Miller's "Hard Boiled" graphic novel. The comic was drawn by Geof Darrow, the conceptional designer of "The Matrix" and later its sequels. The project didn't move forward because Miller didn't want it to be an animated film.
Liquid sound In the Thuringian spa of Bad Sulza, Remann further developed his conceptional and technical knowhow. The first stationary installation of Liquid Sound equipment was then inaugurated on November 9, 1993, in the therapeutic pool of the Bad Sulza Clinical Center and served as the basis for all of the subsequent installations.
Zen A kōan, literally "public case", is a story or dialogue, describing an interaction between a Zen master and a student. These anecdotes give a demonstration of the master's insight. Koans emphasize the non-conceptional insight that the Buddhist teachings are pointing to. Koans can be used to provoke the "great doubt", and test a student's progress in Zen practice.
Weserburg Citing structural and conceptional differences in the approach between a traditional museum such as the Kunsthalle Bremen and the collectors' museum for which the Weserburg is a shining example the current director Peter Friese has strongly argued for a continued independence of the Weserburg Museum.
The Clockwork Fable Classic Rock Magazine's Geoff Barton wrote "a conceptional tour de force, it reduces Rick Wakeman's The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table to the level of a Chas & Dave Cockney knees-up." in his review in issue 224, awarding it 9/10 Points.
Total human ecosystem The interaction and co-evolution of the human and natural ecosystem interactions are the driving forces for the current Earth System. The Total Human Ecosystem meta-conceptional approach have to integrate the bio-and geo-centric approaches, derived from the natural sciences, and the approaches derived from the social sciences and the humanities in order to prevent further environmental degradation and drive natural and human systems towards a sustainable future.