Synsets for "complect"

Synset: complect.v.01

Synonyms: complect

Part of Speech: VERB

Definition: be interwoven or interconnected

Examples: The bones are interconnected via the muscle

Lemmas: complect interconnect interlink

Hypernym: connect

Hyponym: intercommunicate



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Saaz Complect SAAZ (СААЗ) (Skopinskiy Avtoagregatniy Zavod, Скопинский Автоагрегатный Завод, SAAZ Complect, СААЗ Комплект) is a Russian factory of automotive components (telescopic struts, shock absorbers, pneumatic-stops and gas springs). The company was established in 1962 and is a supplier of products for conveyors of AvtoVAZ, UAZ and others.
Araki language The combination {negation re + Verb + partitive re in object position}, has the frequent effect of implying the non-existence of this object. The construction {ce re + N} has been grammaticalised into a complect predicate ce re, meaning 'do not exist, not to be'.
Henri Stahl In 1903, Stahl was working for the Chancellery of the Romanian Senate and was teacher at his mother and wife's boarding school on Brutus Street (where he also resided). Stahl resumed his close contacts with Iorga: Iorga regularly visited Stahl's home and office, where he freely dictated his books for Stahl to write down. Stahl also joined the staff of Iorga's summer school in Vălenii de Munte, where, in 1908, he was teaching stenography courses. Iorga's academic press of Vălenii put out his 1909 "Curs complect de stenografie cu vocale" ("Complete Course of Stenography, Vowels Included"). Also that year, he put out a French-language introduction to French and German stenography, lithographed in Bucharest.