Synsets for "chemisorptive"

Synset: chemisorptive.s.01

Synonyms: chemisorptive


Definition: having the capacity to adsorb by chemical as contrasted with physical forces


Lemmas: chemisorptive chemosorptive





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Hollingsworth & Vose In the 1990s the firm used smaller fibers to make materials such as meltblown media, chemisorptive product and process Molecular (Adsorptive) Filter Media (MFM), nanofiber coating technology. By the year 2000 the company had manufacturing sites in the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe, and opened a facility in the Asia/Pacific region in Suzhou, China in 2006, and later the Mark Hollingsworth Global Technology Center in 2011.
Metal-organic framework Adsorption can be broadly classified as being one of two types: physisorption or chemisorption. Physisorption is characterized by weak van der Waals interactions, and bond enthalpies typically less than 20 kJ/mol. Chemisorption, alternatively, is defined by stronger covalent and ionic bonds, with bond enthalpies between 250 and 500 kJ/mol. In both cases, the adsorbate atoms or molecules (i.e. the particles which adhere to the surface) are attracted to the adsorbent (solid) surface because of the surface energy that results from unoccupied bonding locations at the surface. The degree of orbital overlap then determines if the interactions will be physisorptive or chemisorptive.