Synsets for "blink"

Synset: blink.n.01

Synonyms: blink

Part of Speech: NOUN

Definition: a reflex that closes and opens the eyes rapidly


Lemmas: blink eye_blink blinking wink winking nictitation nictation

Hypernym: reflex

Hyponym: palpebration



Synset: blink.v.01

Synonyms: blink

Part of Speech: VERB

Definition: briefly shut the eyes

Examples: The TV announcer never seems to blink

Lemmas: blink wink nictitate nictate

Hypernym: act_involuntarily

Hyponym: bat palpebrate



Synset: wink.v.04

Synonyms: wink

Part of Speech: VERB

Definition: force to go away by blinking

Examples: blink away tears

Lemmas: wink blink blink_away

Hypernym: suppress




Synset: flash.v.01

Synonyms: flash

Part of Speech: VERB

Definition: gleam or glow intermittently

Examples: The lights were flashing

Lemmas: flash blink wink twinkle winkle

Hypernym: radiate

Hyponym: flicker



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Blink (Irish band) The San Diego, California based pop punk band now known as Blink-182 was originally also called Blink, but a legal dispute with the Irish Blink resulted in their name change to Blink-182.
Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago Internet Services – leased line, blink broadband, blink on the Go, blink Hot Spot
Blink (comics) During the final fight, Blink evades Domino's shots, using her teleporting abilities to outmanoeuvre her. Blink fails to account for the similar abilities of the Vanisher, who plucks Blink back out of her teleports. He then holds her while Archangel slashes her with his wings, taking revenge for her earlier assault. During Selene's downfall, Blink flees, taking the heavily wounded Mortis with her.
Blink (production company) Blink Productions has been the advertising-focused division of Blink since the company's founding. Blink Productions currently represents 16 directors and produces high quality commercials with global reach. Some of the brands Blink has produced commercials for include Guinness, Cadbury's, Yorkie, Nokia, Mercedes, Whiskas, Volkswagen, Pot NoodleIkea, John Lewis, Channel 4 'Superhumans', Harvey Nichols and Virgin.
Blink Digital Blink Digital (previously known as Blink Solution) was launched in late 2009 by Dooj Ramchandani (now CEO) and Rikki Agarwal (now COO).
Blink Blink "Blink Blink" is a single by American rapper, LL Cool J and German rapper, Spax from the Spax's album, Engel & Ratten. "Blink Blink" was released in America on January 15, 2002 for Def Jam Recordings and November 12, 2001 for Def Jam's German label and was written and produced by LL Cool J and Spax, with remixes made by DJ Brisk Fingaz and DJ Friction. Though the single was available in America, the album was exclusive to the people of Germany.
Blink (Revive album) Blink, released on June 22, 2010, is the current album from Christian Rock band Revive. Blink is their fourth studio album and second release on Essential Records.
Blink (SIP client) Blink is a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) client distributed under the Blink license (GNU GPLv3 with the exception of possibility to include Proprietary software modules for commercial purpose)
Blinking Voluntary blink is larger amplitude than Reflex blink, with the use of all 3 divisions of the orbicularis oculi muscle.
The Longest Line The pop punk band Blink (later Blink-182) covered "The Longest Line" on their demo tape "Flyswatter".
ECOtality ECOtality sells electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) through its customer-facing brand of smart electric vehicle chargers, Blink. The Blink line of chargers includes Level 2 AC Wall Mount chargers, Level 2 AC Pedestal chargers, and Level 2 DC Fast Chargers. The Blink Network encompasses the Blink line of charging stations, as well as the Blink mobile app and website, where customers can access personal charging statistics, charger maps, and account information.
Blink (comics) An alternate version of this Blink appears in "What If?" vol. 2 #75. In this story, Blink survives, but the other young mutants die in her place. Blink ends up in the realm of the cosmic entity known as the In-Betweener, and seems to kill him in battle. Blink uses her newfound reality-warping powers to "improve" the world, and among other things causes human/mutant conflict to end. When she attempts to save the members of Generation X from their deaths, the resulting paradox (if Generation X survived, then Blink could never gain her new powers in the first place) caused reality itself to begin disintegrating. Ultimately, Blink undid all the changes she had made, and the In-Betweener revealed that he had not died at all. He then took Blink on as his apprentice, training her in the proper use of her new powers.
Blink (comics) An unstable mutant with the ability to teleport, Blink was one of the mutants captured by the Phalanx during the 1994 X-Universe crossover event Phalanx Covenant. In print, the character died within a month of her first appearance. Lobdell and Madureira redefined Blink as a more confident and assertive character in the parallel universe storyline "Age of Apocalypse" (1995). As a result of her redefinition and increased exposure during that event, Blink became a fan favorite, as exemplified in her return in the regular title "Exiles" in 2001. The character was featured in the four-issue "Blink" limited series in 2000. The primary-universe version of Blink returned to publication in 2009.
Bilkent Erzurum Blink: Blink is the English literature magazine. Like Bilkenter, Blink is published by willing students. Poems, articles, book analyses, writer biographies, book introductions, movies or theatre, short stories, photographs and cumulative writings and pictures are covered in Blink. It is published monthly.
Shadow Forest Samuel Blink is a 12-year-old boy living in England. He and his family, consisting of his ten-year-old sister, Martha Blink, his mum Liz Blink and his dad Steve Blink. They are going to a surprise place because it is Martha's birthday. Suddenly, a log falls on their car killing both their parents.
Blink dog The blink dog is a fictional magical beast from the "Dungeons & Dragons" role-playing game, an intelligent dog that has a limited teleportation ability known as Blinking. The blink dog was created for "D&D", and appeared in every edition from the first supplement to version 5.0. The concept has also been used in other games; however, in "D&D", blink dogs are Good or Lawful, and therefore can be allies of the players. In other games, blink dogs have sometimes been designed to be opponents. In "The Geeks' Guide to World Domination", Garth Sundem describes the blink dog as "one of fantasy's signature creatures".
Blinking Reflex blink occurs in response to an external stimulus, such as contact with the cornea or objects that appear rapidly in front of the eye. A reflex blink is not necessarily a conscious blink either; however it does happen faster than a spontaneous blink. Reflex blink may occur in response to tactile stimuli (e.g. corneal, eyelash, skin of eyelid, contact with eyebrow), optical stimuli (e.g. dazzle reflex, or menace reflex) or auditory stimuli (e.g., menace reflex)
Blink (comics) When Selene dispatches her Inner Circle to retrieve the mystical knife necessary to complete her ritual, Blink teleports them onto Utopia. In the confrontation, she is recognised by Emma Frost. During the fight, Blink and Senyaka attack Archangel, Senyaka ensnaring him with his coils and restraining him before Blink uses her powers to obliterate Archangel's wings.
Blink element The "blink" value of the CSS "text-decoration" property allows authors to suggest that text should blink without using proprietary tags, but the "CSS 2.1 Specification" states that "conforming user agents may simply not blink the text" in order to comply with the "User Agent Accessibility Guidelines".
Pacific Ridge Records Presents: A Tribute to Blink-182, Volume 2 Pacific Ridge Records Presents: A Tribute to Blink-182, Volume 2 is the second Blink-182 tribute album released by Pacific Ridge Records.