Synsets for "baseball bat"

Synset: baseball_bat.n.01

Synonyms: baseball_bat

Part of Speech: NOUN

Definition: an implement used in baseball by the batter


Lemmas: baseball_bat lumber

Hypernym: baseball_equipment bat




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Sam Bat Sam Bat, officially The Original Maple Bat Corporation, is a Canadian company based in the town of Carleton Place, Ontario that manufactures baseball bats. It was the first company to supply baseball bats manufactured from maple wood to professional baseball players. As of 2013, it is one of 32 licenced baseball bat suppliers for Major League Baseball (MLB) and Minor League Baseball (MiLB) players. It is also a bat supplier for baseball leagues throughout the world, including Germany, Japan, Korea, Italy, Mexico, and the Netherlands. It is the official bat manufacturer for the Australian Baseball League
Bat flip In baseball, a bat flip is the exaggerated throwing of a baseball bat after making contact with the baseball during an at bat, typically after a home run. This is in contrast to the usual practice of gently dropping the bat as the batter begins running to first base.
List of baseball bat manufacturers This is a list of notable baseball bat manufacturers, which includes manufacturers of both metal and wooden baseball bats.
Corked bat In baseball, a corked bat is a specially modified baseball bat that has been filled with cork or other lighter, less dense substances to make the bat lighter. A lighter bat gives a hitter a quicker swing and may improve the hitter's timing. In Major League Baseball, modifying a bat with foreign substances and using it in play is illegal and subject to ejection and further punishment.
Brett Laxton Laxton currently works for baseball bat manufacturer Marucci Sports in Baton Rouge as a bat craftsman.
Sam Bat Initially, Sam Bat was the only company producing maple baseball bats for use in professional and amateur games. With its success, by 2006 there were 30 companies that had developed maple baseball bats to compete with Sam Bat.
Baseball bat In some 12-year-old-and-under youth leagues (such as Little League baseball), the bat may not be more than in diameter. However, in many other leagues (like PONY League Baseball, and Cal Ripken League Baseball), the bat may not be more than in diameter.
1994 Cleveland Indians corked bat incident The 1994 Cleveland Indians corked bat incident took place on July 15, 1994, at Comiskey Park in Chicago during a major league baseball game. In the first inning of the game between the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago White Sox, White Sox manager Gene Lamont was tipped off that Indians batter Albert Belle was using a corked baseball bat. Under the rules of Major League Baseball, a manager may challenge one opponent's baseball bat per game. Lamont challenged Belle's bat with umpire Dave Phillips, who confiscated the bat and locked it in the umpires' dressing room.
Kneeboarding (towsport) There are two basic grips – the palms-down grip and the baseball bat grip. For the palms-down grip the hands facing downward while holding the ski rope. For the Baseball Bat grip kneeboarders hold the handle just like a baseball bat.
Baseball There are three basic tools of baseball: the ball, the bat, and the glove or mitt:
Crocker (sport) The batsman's bat is usually a baseball bat, or a rounders bat, although cricket bats have been known to be used.
Bat flip Torii Hunter, a retired Major League Baseball player and fan of bat flips in Korean baseball, has stated that a player throwing a bat in such a manner during a game in the United States would likely face retaliation in a subsequent at bat, such as being hit by a pitch.
Baseball (disambiguation) Baseball is a bat-and-ball sport played between two teams.
Gino Cimoli Cimoli's baseball card in 1958 (No. 286, Topps) in which the background was painted out, shows him swinging a bat, without the bat-which was "also" painted out! (Source: "Baseball Hall of Shame 4", Nash & Zullo)
César Quintero Quintero had one at-bat in the 2006 World Baseball Classic, grounding into a double play. He also had one at-bat in the 2009 World Baseball Classic - he struck out.
Baseball doughnut The length of time between warming up with a baseball doughnut and swinging at a pitch also seems to have an effect. Researchers in Japan found that post warm-up with a weighted bat doughnut, the first swing had the slowest bat velocity This may affect a baseball player's decision of which pitch to swing at while at bat. Although baseball doughnuts are widely used among Major League Baseball players as well as high school and college players, the beneficial or detrimental short-term effects are inconclusive in research. However, long-term use of batting doughnuts increases upper body strength therefore increasing bat velocity
Amateur Baseball Association The Amateur Baseball Association features multiple skill levels in metal or wood bat divisions.
Bat flip Bat flipping is popular in Asian and Latin American baseball leagues. In South Korea, the bat flipping tradition dates back to the 1990s, and has become increasingly frequent in the Korea Baseball Organization. In the Korean language, bat flips are referred as "ppa-dun" (), a portmanteau of the "first syllables of the words for 'bat' and 'throw'". The practice is also common in Japan and Taiwan.
Batboy Two Warner Brothers cartoons, "Porky's Baseball Broadcast" and Baseball Bugs), feature sight-gags involving batboys who fly in on bat wings to deliver bats.