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Synset: base-forming.s.01

Synonyms: base-forming


Definition: yielding a base in aqueous solution


Lemmas: base-forming





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Acid–base reaction Here, one molecule of water acts as an acid, donating an H and forming the conjugate base, OH, and a second molecule of water acts as a base, accepting the H ion and forming the conjugate acid, HO.
DNA The two types of base pairs form different numbers of hydrogen bonds, AT forming two hydrogen bonds, and GC forming three hydrogen bonds (see figures, right).
Brodiaeoideae Leaves linear, often fleshy, forming a closed sheath at their base. Veins parallel.
Second metacarpal bone Its base is prolonged upward and medialward, forming a prominent ridge.
Geology of the Pacific Northwest the base has dropped down along normal faults, forming a graben
Advanced Base Force Between 2–3 January 1914, the Mobile Defense Regiment sailed aboard USS "Prairie" and rendezvoused with the Fixed Base Regiment at Culebra Island, Puerto Rico, forming the first operational advanced base force brigade, the Advanced Base Force Brigade.
Soil There are acid-forming cations (hydrogen and aluminium) and there are base-forming cations. The fraction of the base-forming cations that occupy positions on the soil colloids is called the base saturation percentage. If a soil has a CEC of 20 meq and 5 meq are aluminium and hydrogen cations (acid-forming), the remainder of positions on the colloids (20-5 = 15 meq) are assumed occupied by base-forming cations, so that the percentage base saturation is 15/20 x 100% = 75% (the compliment 25% is assumed acid-forming cations). When the soil pH is 7 (neutral), base saturation is 100 percent and there are no hydrogen ions stored on the colloids. Base saturation is almost in direct proportion to pH (increases with increasing pH). It is of use in calculating the amount of lime needed to neutralise an acid soil. The amount of lime needed to neutralize a soil must take account of the amount of acid forming ions on the colloids not just those in the soil water solution. The addition of enough lime to neutralize the soil water solution will be insufficient to change the pH, as the acid forming cations stored on the soil colloids will tend to restore the original pH condition as they are pushed off those colloids by the calcium of the added lime.
Poa pratensis The rootstock is creeping, with runners (rhizomes). The broad, blunt leaves tend to spread at the base, forming close mats.
Phosphoryl chloride POCl can also act as a Lewis base, forming s with a variety of Lewis acids such as titanium tetrachloride:
Tango (software) Tango caters to more than 200 million users which is forming the base of a social network among its users.
Methanesulfonyl chloride Forming acyliminium ions from α-hydroxyamides can be done using methanesulfonyl chloride and a base, typically triethylamine.
Turkish grammar The bases so far considered can be called "simple". A base in "i-" can be attached to another base, forming a compound base. One can then interpret the result by reading backwards. The following list is representative, not exhaustive:
Colony-forming unit Concentrations of colony-forming units can be expressed using logarithmic notation, where the value shown is the base 10 logarithm of the concentration.
Arthrocnemum The species of "Arthrocnemum" are low shrubs up to 1.5 m, much branched from base, and often forming mats. Young stems are succulent, glaucous (sometimes yellowish), glabrous, and appear to be articulated. The opposite leaves are sessile, joined at base and forming a cup around the stem, fleshy, glabrous, their blades reduced to small, cuspidate scales up to 5 mm.
Manitou, Manitoba It had a population of 775 at the time of the 2001 census. Manitou has a weekly newspaper, the "Western Canadian". The community's motto is "More Than A Small Town". The community is shaped like a right-angle triangle with PTH 3 forming the base, PR 244 forming the vertical part, and Front Avenue forming the hypotenuse.
Alloy-junction transistor For high-speed operation, the collector well is etched all the way through the diffused base layer and through most of the intrinsic base semiconductor region, forming an extremely thin base region. A doping-engineered electric field was created in the diffused base layer to reduce the charge carrier base transit time (similar to the drift-field transistor).
Lewis acids and bases Lewis acids are diverse. Simplest are those that react directly with the Lewis base. But more common are those that undergo a reaction prior to forming the adduct.
Angeli–Rimini reaction The Angeli–Rimini reaction is an organic reaction between an aldehyde and the sulfonamide "N-hydroxybenzenesulfonamide" in presence of base forming an hydroxamic acid.
Uranium trioxide Dissolving uranium oxide in a strong base like sodium hydroxide forms the doubly negatively charged uranate anion (). Uranates tend to concatenate, forming diuranate, , or other poly-uranates.
Calochortus ghiesbreghtii "Calochortus ghiesbreghtii" is a bulb-forming perennial herb. Flowers are upright, white to pale purple, sometimes with hairy glands near the base of the petals.