Synsets for "avaricious"

Synset: avaricious.s.01

Synonyms: avaricious


Definition: immoderately desirous of acquiring e.g. wealth

Examples: they are avaricious and will do anything for money | casting covetous eyes on his neighbor's fields | a grasping old miser | grasping commercialism | greedy for money and power | grew richer and greedier | prehensile employers stingy with raises for their employees

Lemmas: avaricious covetous grabby grasping greedy prehensile





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Antoine de Buade He was said to be avaricious, lending money at high rates of interest.
Lybster "It is managed by two men, one a scoundrel, the other an avaricious trader."
Freidank 33. "von milten und von kargen" (the generous and the avaricious),
Harvey Probber "Fashion is a word invented by the avaricious to prey upon the insecure."—1988 "Interior Design" article.
Francisco de Quevedo Quevedo constantly attacked avarice and avaricious people. His "Cartas del Caballero de la Tenaza" attack a notorious tightwad.
Edava Apart from this, some private schools exist in Edava, which are known for their avaricious and unscrupulous nature and milking the gullible Edavites with exorbitant fees. The majority of parents fall for the avaricious ways in which these English medium private schools take the parents for a ride. However, the quality of such schools leaves much to be desired.
Pierre Klossowski Klossowski also appeared in Robert Bresson's "Au hasard Balthazar" as the avaricious miller who desires Marie, a character played by Anne Wiazemsky.
The Hanged Man (1974 film) Having survived his own hanging, hired killer James Devlin turns over a new leaf, defending a widow and her son from an avaricious land baron.
Georges d'Aubusson de La Feuillade Saint-Simon described the prelate as familiar, avaricious and easily jokingly of his own greed. He had become senile three or four years before his death.
Skíðaríma The depiction of the grovelling, avaricious and impudent beggar is considered to be very funny, and the poem is full of burlesque humour.
Angelo F. Coniglio Coniglio has been a vocal social and sports activist. In the early 1970s, he brought a class action suit against the National Football League over its policy of charging full regular-season prices for meaningless exhibition games mandatorily included in season-ticket packages. The suit failed after being raised to the U. S. Supreme Court, prompting Coniglio to remark "I learned that the Anti-Trust laws don't protect the "public" from avaricious businessmen, they protect avaricious businessmen from "each other"!"
The Duenna Meanwhile, Don Ferdinand’s sister Donna Louisa is in love with the poor but gallant Don Antonio. Her avaricious father Don Jerome wants to marry her to the equally avaricious and cunning Isaac Mendoza, who through his inordinate fondness for overreaching whosoever he has to do, is generally as much a fool as a knave, and is thus the dupe of his own art, as Donna Louisa tells her father.
Shita-kiri Suzume , translated literally into "Tongue-Cut Sparrow", is a traditional Japanese fable telling of a kind old man, his avaricious wife and an injured sparrow. The story explores the effects of greed, friendship and jealousy on the characters.
Pope Adrian V In the "Divine Comedy", Dante meets Adrian's spirit in Purgatory, on the level reserved for the avaricious, where Adrian atones for his sin of worldly ambition. (Purgatorio XIX, 88-145).
The Girl from Kays The comic character Max Hoggenheimer was selected by the South African cartoonist Daniël Cornelis Boonzaier to symbolise the avaricious and oppressive Randlord and mining capitalism, and frequently featured in Boonzaier's work.
The Last Storytellers: Tales from the Heart of Morocco "As for the stories," Gearon continues, "the usual themes are well represented: beautiful maidens; marital infidelity; jealous husbands; cruel sultans; avaricious viziers; poverty; punishment; sorrow; magic; joy; and more than one happy ending."
Prostitution, Considered in Its Moral, Social, and Sanitary Aspects The book was republished in 1870 and updated by Acton, in which he drew upon the scandal of the Contagious Diseases Acts of the 1860s to "reinforce his dire warnings about the ubiquitous threat of unregulated and avaricious prostitutes".
Gabriel García Márquez "The Incredible and Sad Tale of Innocent Eréndira and Her Heartless Grandmother" () presents the story of a young mulatto girl who dreams of freedom, but cannot escape the reach of her avaricious grandmother.
Sint Eustatius Later, in February 1782, Edmund Burke, the leading opposition member of the Whig Party, upon learning of Rodney's actions in St. Eustatius, rose to condemn Rodney's anti-Semitic, avaricious vindictiveness in Parliament:
DJ EFN Crazy Hood Film Academy has also become involved with short theatrical films. In 2014, the firm produced "Avaricious," a film written and directed by Michael Garcia. The next year Crazy Hood produced "Siblings," also directed by Garcia.