Synsets for "activity"

Synset: activity.n.01

Synonyms: activity

Part of Speech: NOUN

Definition: any specific behavior

Examples: they avoided all recreational activity

Lemmas: activity

Hypernym: act

Hyponym: acting aid attempt behavior behavior burst buzz calibration ceremony ceremony concealment continuance control creation cup_of_tea demand dismantling diversion domesticity education energizing enjoyment follow-up fun game grouping lamentation last laughter leadership liveliness market measurement music mystification negotiation occupation occupation operation operation operation organization perturbation placement pleasure politics practice precession preparation procedure protection provision puncture release representation role search sensory_activity service sin solo space_walk support support timekeeping training turn use variation verbalization waste work works worship writing wrongdoing

Antonyms: inactivity


Synset: action.n.02

Synonyms: action

Part of Speech: NOUN

Definition: the state of being active

Examples: his sphere of activity | he is out of action

Lemmas: action activity activeness

Hypernym: state

Hyponym: agency behavior busyness eruption operation overdrive play swing

Antonyms: inaction inactivity inactiveness


Synset: bodily_process.n.01

Synonyms: bodily_process

Part of Speech: NOUN

Definition: an organic process that takes place in the body

Examples: respiratory activity

Lemmas: bodily_process body_process bodily_function activity

Hypernym: organic_process

Hyponym: ablactation anastalsis breath breathing consumption control crying discharge expectoration festering healing hypostasis insemination lacrimation lactation opsonization overactivity peristalsis perspiration phagocytosis pinocytosis placentation psilosis reaction respiration sexual_activity sleeping tanning transpiration



Synset: activity.n.04

Synonyms: activity

Part of Speech: NOUN

Definition: (chemistry) the capacity of a substance to take part in a chemical reaction

Examples: catalytic activity

Lemmas: activity

Hypernym: capability




Synset: natural_process.n.01

Synonyms: natural_process

Part of Speech: NOUN

Definition: a process existing in or produced by nature (rather than by the intent of human beings)

Examples: the action of natural forces | volcanic activity

Lemmas: natural_process natural_action action activity

Hypernym: process

Hyponym: absorption acidification adiabatic_process aeration antiredeposition capture capture centrifugation chemical_process chromatography concretion condensation convection curdling decay demagnetization desorption diffusion dissolution distillation drift effervescence electrophoresis establishment extinction extraction feedback filtration flocculation flow formation fossilization geological_process hardening inactivation ion_exchange ionization leach magnetization materialization nuclear_reaction opacification oscillation oxygenation pair_production phase_change precession_of_the_equinoxes radiation release saltation scattering sericulture sink soak softening sorption source stiffening stimulation succession survival synergy temperature_change transduction transpiration vitrification



Synset: activeness.n.02

Synonyms: activeness

Part of Speech: NOUN

Definition: the trait of being active; moving or acting rapidly and energetically

Examples: the level of activity declines with age

Lemmas: activeness activity

Hypernym: trait

Hyponym: animation dynamism

Antonyms: inactiveness


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Metoclopramide The gastroprokinetic activity of metoclopramide is mediated by muscarinic activity, D receptor antagonist activity and 5-HT receptor agonist activity.
Evoked activity Most experimental studies in neuroscience investigate brain functioning by administering a task or stimulus and measure the resulting changes in neuronal activity and behavior. In EEG research, evoked activity or evoked responses specifically refers to activity that is phase-locked to the stimulus onset and is opposed to induced activity, which is a stimulus-related change in (the amplitude of) oscillatory activity.
Activity coefficient The concept of activity coefficient is closely linked to that of activity in chemistry.
Activity theory Activity theory also influenced the development of activity games as developed by Georgy Shchedrovitsky.
Aphelandra Pharmacological reports on genus Aphelandra are Antibacterial activity, Antifungal activity and Immunomodulatory activity.
Physical activity level The physical activity level can also be estimated based on a list of the (physical) activities a person performs from day to day. Each activity is connected to a number, the physical activity ratio. The physical activity level is then the time-weighted average of the physical activity ratios.
Activity-based costing The overhead costs assigned to each activity comprise an activity cost pool.
IETF Administrative Support Activity The IETF Administrative Support Activity (IASA) is an activity housed within the Internet Society (ISOC).
Activity Streams (format) Implementors of the activity Activity Streams draft include Gnip, Stream, Stream-Framework and
List of English homographs Polysemes are words which described an activity and later gained other meanings, such as those engaged in the activity, the product of the activity, the place or time where the activity occurs, or a verb concerning the activity.
Specific activity Specific activity is the activity per quantity of a radionuclide and is a physical property of that radionuclide.
Thermodynamic activity where "f" is the Raoult's law activity coefficient: an activity coefficient of one indicates ideal behaviour according to Raoult's law.
International Centre for Theoretical Sciences ICTS Activity Reports can be found at ICTS ACTIVITY REPORT 2009-12 and ICTS ACTIVITY REPORT 2007-09
Activity theory An activity is modelled as a three-level hierarchy. Kuutti schematises processes in activity theory as a three-level system.
Mathematical modeling of electrophysiological activity in epilepsy (1) A time-independent component represented by subthreshold excitatory activity E and superthreshold inhibitory activity I.
Activity theory Activity theory therefore includes the notion that an activity is carried out within a social context, or specifically in a community. The way in which the activity fits into the context is thus established by two resulting concepts:
Activity recognition In vision-based activity recognition, the computational process is often divided into four steps, namely human detection, human tracking, human activity recognition and then a high-level activity evaluation.
Activity theory This section presents a short introduction to activity theory, and some brief comments on human creativity in activity theory and the implications of activity theory for tacit knowledge and learning.
Activity theory Kuutti formulates activity theory in terms of the structure of an activity. "An activity is a form of doing directed to an object, and activities are distinguished from each other according