Synsets for "acquisitive"

Synset: acquisitive.a.01

Synonyms: acquisitive

Part of Speech: ADJECTIVE

Definition: eager to acquire and possess things especially material possessions or ideas

Examples: an acquisitive mind | an acquisitive society in which the craving for material things seems never satisfied

Lemmas: acquisitive



Antonyms: unacquisitive


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Otto Newman "“The Newly Acquisitive Affluent Worker”"; Sociology, 13(1), 1979
Mougins Museum of Classical Art 4. "The Acquisitive Gene." Apollo Magazine, 1st February 2012 :
Valerio Ciccone "Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award", Grafton Regional Gallery, Grafton, 1994
Muswellbrook Art Prize 1971 - Acquisitive Muswellbrook Pottery Prize category added to the Art Prize (until 1976)
Muswellbrook Art Prize 1958 - Festival of the Valley Art Prize opened in Muswellbrook as an annual acquisitive art competition
Muswellbrook Art Prize 1987 - Acquisitive Muswellbrook Pottery Prize renamed Muswellbrook Open Ceramic Award a restored as a category
Muswellbrook Art Prize 1987 - Acquisitive Muswellbrook Photographic Award category added to the Art Prize
George Mackenzie, 2nd Earl of Seaforth As a result of the acquisitive proclivities of Seaforth’s ancestors, his estates were very extensive.
Juan Davila (artist) Davila was the inaugural winner of the non-acquisitive $50,000 Benalla Nude Art Prize for 2014.
Muswellbrook Art Prize 1961 - Acquisitive Traditional Prize category added to the Art Prize (until 1968)
Easement In the state of Louisiana, a mixed legal jurisdiction with strong civil law roots, prescription can be either acquisitive or liberative, both of which involve the creation or extinguishing of rights over time. "Acquisitive prescription" in Louisiana is analogous to the common law idea of adverse possession. As defined in La. C.C. Art. 3446, "acquisitive prescription is a mode of acquiring ownership or other real rights by possession for a period of time." Unlike the common law adverse position, Louisiana's acquisitive prescription is not a procedural bar to recovering property but the creation of a new ownership right in the property. Time periods for acquisitive prescription depend on whether the property is movable or immovable and whether the property is possessed in good faith (possessor believes they have title to the property) or in bad faith.
South African contract law Acquisitive prescription describes the acquisition of property, or rights of ownership, and therefore falls outside the scope of contract law.
Kinloch Castle Jim Crumley, Scottish nature writer, described Kinloch Castle as “a monument to… colossal wealth and ego and acquisitive greed… It
Eadric Streona Eadric's nickname "Streona" is loosely translated as the "Acquisitive" or the "Grasper" and first appears in Hemming's Cartulary.
Fremantle Print Award It is noteworthy as being one of the longest running print awards in Australia. With acquisitive and non-acquisitive awards the prize money totals $20,000 (AUD). Several noted Australian artists have been recipients of the award including David Rose in 1978 and Mike Parr in 1990.
Athenian democracy 5. Democracy depends on naval power; naval power in turn depends on the control of capital resources; ergo a democracy will tend to be aggressively acquisitive.
Adverse possession Some non-common law jurisdictions have laws similar to adverse possession. For example, Louisiana has a legal doctrine called acquisitive prescription, which is derived from French law.
Torrance, East Dunbartonshire East Dunbartonshire has significantly lower recorded crime rates (40-50% lower for acquisitive and violent crime) than the average in Greater Glasgow and Clyde.
British expedition to Tibet The Tibet government, guided by the Dalai Lama, alarmed by a large acquisitive foreign power dispatching a military mission to its capital, began marshalling its armed forces.
Joseph Anderson (Commandant) John Barry described Anderson as a "firm disciplinarian, … [and] a courageous soldier, but limited in outlook and with a well-developed acquisitive sense."