Synsets for "acid-loving"

Synset: acid-loving.a.01

Synonyms: acid-loving

Part of Speech: ADJECTIVE

Definition: thriving in a relatively acidic environment (especially of plants requiring a pH well below 7)


Lemmas: acid-loving



Antonyms: alkaline-loving


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Acidophiles in acid mine drainage The outflow of acidic liquids and other pollutants from mines is often catalysed by acid-loving microorganisms; these are the acidophiles in acid mine drainage.
Acidothermus The name "Acidothermus" derives from:Latin adjective "acidus", sour, acid; Greek adjective "thermos (θερμός)", hot; New Latin masculine gender noun "Acidothermus", acid and hot (loving).
Acidiphilium The name "Acidiphilium" derives from:New Latin noun "acidum" (from Latin adjective "acidus", sour), an acid; New Latin neuter gender adjective "philum" (from Greek neuter gender adjective "philon (φίλον)"), friend, loving; New Latin neuter gender noun "Acidiphilium" ("sic"), acid lover.
Shrubland Some vegetation types are formed of "dwarf-shrubs": low-growing or creeping shrubs. These include the maquis and garrigues of Mediterranean climates, and the acid-loving dwarf shrubs of heathland and moorland.
Lactobacillus acidophilus Lactobacillus acidophilus (New Latin 'acid-loving milk-bacillus') is a species of gram positive bacteria in the genus "Lactobacillus". "L. acidophilus" is a homofermentative, microaerophilic species, fermenting sugars into lactic acid, and grows readily at rather low pH values (below pH 5.0) and has an optimum growth temperature of around . "L. acidophilus" occurs naturally in the human and animal gastrointestinal tract and mouth.
Camellia × williamsii "C." × "williamsii" is an excellent companion to other acid-loving woodland plants such as rhododendron. It grows best in acid soil, ph5.5-6.5, in a sunny or partially shaded, sheltered position. In areas with frost and cold winds, it should be positioned facing away from the morning sun, as the flower buds are easily damaged.
The KOLIN "We are LOVING loving LOVING this band called the KOLIN - from Hungary.
Bonchurch Landslips The Bonchurch Landslip (also called East End Landslip) involves a coastal Cretaceous sequence where harder Upper Greensand rocks overlie softer Gault clay. It has SSSI status for its geomorphological interest (the Undercliff itself, and the landslips and mud flows below) and its botanical assemblage. The Gault clay supports established woodland of ash, oak and beech, with unusual lichen species. The lower slips, comprising mixed clay and sandy habitats, support a complex mix of acid-loving and chalk-loving plant species.
Hentriacontylic acid Hentriacontylic acid (also hentriacontanoic acid, henatriacontylic acid, or henatriacontanoic acid) is a carboxylic saturated fatty acid.
Psyllic acid Psyllic acid (also pysslostearic acid, tritriacontanoic acid or ceromelissic acid) is a saturated fatty acid.
Barbette (performer) Hattie Broadway married, as her second husband, in 1906, Samuel E. Loving (1868-1953), who worked in a broom factory, and had five more children, sons Eugene Loving (1908-1971) and Sam Paschall Loving (1917-1996), and daughters Hugo Loving (1910-1912), Bonsilene Loving (born 1914), and Mary Martin Loving (1915-1997); after his mother's second marriage, Barbette was known as "Vander Loving".
Phenylacetic acid Synonyms include α-toluic acid, benzeneacetic acid, alpha tolylic acid, 2-phenylacetic acid, and β-phenylacetic acid.
Anthranilic acid Fenamic acid is a derivative of anthranilic acid, which in turn is a nitrogen isostere of salicylic acid, which is the active metabolite of aspirin. Several non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, including mefenamic acid, tolfenamic acid, flufenamic acid, and meclofenamic acid are derived from fenamic acid or anthranilic acid and are called "anthranilic acid derivatives" or "fenamates".
Tetratriacontanoic acid Tetratriacontanoic acid (or gheddic acid, geddic acid) is a 34 carbon long carboxylic acid.
Rosmarinic acid Chemically, rosmarinic acid is a caffeic acid ester of salvianic acid A (3,4-dihydroxyphenyllactic acid).
Umbellic acid Umbellic acid (2,4-dihydroxycinnamic acid) is a hydroxycinnamic acid. It is an isomer of caffeic acid.
Acetonedicarboxylic acid Acetonedicarboxylic acid, 3-oxoglutaric acid or β-ketoglutaric acid is a simple dicarboxylic acid.
Joelmir Beting "Nonno, thanks for loving Nonna. Nonna, thanks for loving Nonno.
Deoxycholic acid Deoxycholic acid (conjugate base deoxycholate), also known as cholanoic acid , Kybella , Celluform Plus and 3α,12α-dihydroxy-5β-cholan-24-oic acid, is a bile acid. Deoxycholic acid is one of the secondary bile acids, which are metabolic byproducts of intestinal bacteria. The two primary bile acids secreted by the liver are cholic acid and chenodeoxycholic acid. Bacteria metabolize chenodeoxycholic acid into the secondary bile acid lithocholic acid, and they metabolize cholic acid into deoxycholic acid. There are additional secondary bile acids, such as ursodeoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid is soluble in alcohol and acetic acid. When pure, it comes in a white to off-white crystalline powder form.
Walter Loving Loving married his wife, Edith, in 1916 and had one son, Walter. Walter Loving, Jr.'s, godfather was Roscoe Simmons.