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Synset: shock-absorbent.s.01

Synonyms: shock-absorbent


Definition: having the capacity to absorb the energy of an impact

Examples: the material absorbs shock and is used for shock-absorbent insoles

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Pro-Keds Throughout the 1980s, new styles were added across the categories of baseball, football, tennis, track and field. PRO-Keds also developed shoes using shock-absorbent support and cushioning.
Jamie Madrox Jamie was formerly unable to control the duplication process, wearing a special shock-absorbent synthetic stretch fabric costume that contained mechanisms that absorbed kinetic energy so that an army of Madroxes would not instantly appear every time he was struck. The original suit was designed by his father, Dr. Daniel Madrox, and later modified by Reed Richards. Jamie currently wears a stylized shirt with only six large green shock-absorbent pads on the front of the torso. Whether this indicates a greater degree of control over when his dupes manifest, an advance in technology or if it is simply an ordinary shirt with the same design is unclear.
Nanocellulose Applications in this field include: Super water absorbent material (e.g. for incontinence pads material), nanocellulose used together with super absorbent polymers, nanocellulose in tissue, non-woven products or absorbent structures and as antimicrobial films.
Pontiac Grand Prix The 1968 Grand Prix received a more pronounced"beak-nose" grille in shock-absorbent plastic, and new front bumper. In the rear concealed headlights were carried over, and a revised rear deck/bumper with L-shaped taillights and side reflector markers to meet a new federal safety mandate were new. The convertible was discontinued, leaving only the hardtop coupe for '68.
Playtex Playtex-branded tampons were introduced in the 1960s and became the primary competition to incumbent Tampax. Playtex invented the plastic tampon applicator in 1973. It was one of the tampon manufacturers that were sued for aggressively advertising over-absorbent tampons, which led to toxic shock syndrome.
Inline skates For recreational skating a soft boot is used for greater comfort, but many other disciplines prefer a harder boot, either to protect the foot against impact or for better control of the skate. The boot may also contain shock absorbent padding for comfort. Downhill skaters often use boots that are heat-molded to the shape of the foot, with a foam liner.
Stackhat The Stackhat is designed to protect the skull and temple and is light, comfortable, colourful and streamlined. The 'hi-tech' graphics are designed to appeal to the youth market. Made from impact-modified and shock absorbent expanded polystyrene it is designed for use in sporting and leisure activities including cycling, cricket, equestrian and skiing.
HMS Ramillies (07) Because of an increasing awareness of the danger of torpedo attack from submarines and destroyers, "Ramillies", being completed later than her sisters in this class, had anti-torpedo bulges fitted. These were streamlined external compartments fitted along the waterline and filled with various shock absorbent materials, designed to take the impact of a torpedo before it could breach the hull.
Dry decontamination Absorbent materials are specifically made to absorb (or capture and contain) contaminants. Absorbent materials include FiberTect, RSDL, Fuller's earth, flour, baking soda, paper towels, etc., all of which absorb hazardous materials from the victim. After absorption is completed using an absorbent material and immediate danger has passed, the contaminated surface should be blotted with a wet paper towel. An absorbent material increases in volume when a contaminant is absorbed.
Activities prohibited on Shabbat Definition: Cleansing absorbent materials of absorbed/ingrained impurities.
Bandage The United States Pharmacopeia lists it as a form in which Absorbent Gauze may be provided. It is prepared from type 1 Absorbent gauze in various widths and lengths.
CDLSE Its absorbent is designed to last four to six hours.
Zinc hydroxide One major use is as an absorbent in surgical dressings.
Sponge (material) Besides sponges formed from plastic polymers, the three other categories of widely available synthetic sponges are low-density polyether (known as non-absorbent sponges), PVA (a highly absorbent material for use in medicine), and polyester.
Ionic liquid Ionic liquids have been proposed as an absorbent in carbon capture. They have various advantages over traditional absorbents, such as the currently dominant amine-based technologies. 1-Butyl-3-methylimidazolium hexafluorophosphate is one example of a proposed CO absorbent.
Dead blow hammer Some dead blow hammers have completely solid heads, usually made of rubber or resilient plastic (such as ultra high molecular weight plastic, UHMW), and rely on the inherent properties of the material to absorb shock and reduce rebound. Commonly constructed of polyurethane, dead blow hammers regularly appear in solid orange or black. Composite heads and fiberglass handle models are also available, with optional shock-absorbent rubber grips. A variant design omits the handle entirely; the dead blow head is gripped directly in the hand, for use in tight locations.
Sanitary napkin There are many styles of cloth menstrual pads available today. Popular styles of cloth menstrual pads include all-in-one, or AIO pads, in which the absorbent layer is sewn inside the pad, 'inserts on top' style pads, which have absorbent layers that can be secured on top of the pad as needed, envelope or pocket style pads, which have absorbent layers that can be inserted inside the pad as needed, and a foldable style, in which the pad folds around the absorbent layers. Cloth menstrual pads can have waterproof lining, which provides more leak protection but may also be less breathable.
Desflurane Desflurane, along with enflurane and to a lesser extent isoflurane, has been shown to react with the carbon dioxide absorbent in anesthesia circuits to produce detectable levels of carbon monoxide through degradation of the anesthetic agent. The absorbent Baralyme, when dried, is most culpable for the production of carbon monoxide from desflurane degradation, although it is also seen with soda lime absorbent as well. Dry conditions in the carbon dioxide absorbent are conducive to this phenomenon, such as those resulting from high fresh gas flows.
List of medical mnemonics Shock, Shock, Shock, Everybody Shock, Little Shock, Big Shock, Momma Shock, Poppa Shock:
Stress incontinence An incontinence pad is a multi-layered, absorbent sheet that collects urine resulting from urinary incontinence. Similar solutions include absorbent undergarments and adult diapers. Absorbent products may cause side effects of leaks, odors, skin breakdown, and UTI. Incontinence pads may also come in the form of a small sheet placed underneath a patient in the hospital, for situations when it is not practical for the patient to wear a diaper.