Synsets for "self-confessed"

Synset: self-confessed.s.01

Synonyms: self-confessed


Definition: owned up to

Examples: his admitted doubts | the conceded error | a confessed murderer | a self-confessed plagiarist

Lemmas: self-confessed





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Leith Walk 1670- Major Thomas Weir, the self-confessed warlock, strangled and burnt for witchcraft (almost the only self-confessed witch executed).
Nambarrie Writer and comedian Will Self is a self-confessed fan of Nambarrie.
Murder of Anni Dewani Monde Mbolombo has not been prosecuted or punished for his self-confessed role in the crime, nor for his self-confessed perjury whilst testifying. On 19 November 2015 the Director of Public Prosecutions decided Mbolombo could not be prosecuted.
Dan Hegarty Aside from music, Dan is a self-confessed Wrestling and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fan.
Victoria Bitter TV builder Scott Cam, a self-confessed VB fan, is the appointed VB Mid Ambassador.
Kenichi Sonoda Sonoda is a self-confessed gun fanatic, owning several replica guns.
After Dark (TV series) In March 2003 "After Dark" gave airtime to a self-confessed paedophile. "The Guardian" described the show:
Peter Bryan Bryan, who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and is a self-confessed cannibal, was committed to Broadmoor Hospital for treatment.
It's Only Talk Tomorowo Taguchi plays a self-confessed pervert, ""K"". In normal life ""K"" is married and works as an architect.
Law & Order: UK Barrister Caroline Haughey, a self-confessed crime junkie, said that "Law and Order: UK' made her cry:
Volker Heinrich He studied horticultural sciences at the Technical University of Munich. A self-confessed "nepenthophile", he is a carnivorous plant enthusiast.
Wild Turkey (bourbon) The Australian version of the advertisement features the famous rock musician (and self-confessed former alcoholic) Jimmy Barnes.
Niall Ferguson Ferguson's self confessed workaholism has placed strains on his personal relations in the past. Ferguson has commented that:
Kudirat Abiola At the trial the self-confessed killer, Sergeant Barnabas Jabila, said he was obeying orders from his superior, al-Mustapha.
Les Hill Les is a self-confessed massive supporter of the Sydney Roosters rugby league team in the Australian National Rugby League.
Chris Cusiter Cusiter is a self-confessed fan of rugby league, following the Catalans Dragons after his two-year spell in Perpignan.
Mickey Harte In February 2012 Harte defended the character of self-confessed rapist Ronan McCusker, on the basis that he "comes from a widely-known GAA family in Tyrone.”
Catholic Church sex abuse cases by country Daniel McCormack, a self-confessed sexually abusive priest was sentenced to five years in prison for abusing five boys (8–12 years) in 2001.
Will Adamsdale In "The Human Computer", Adamsdale, a self-confessed technophobe, explored the world of computers. The show premiered in the new Traverse 3 venue at the Edinburgh Fringe 2007.
William Dathan Holbert William Dathan Holbert (born September 12, 1979), also known as Wild Bill, is a self-confessed murderer from Hendersonville, North Carolina.