Synsets for "inaccurate"

Synset: inaccurate.a.01

Synonyms: inaccurate

Part of Speech: ADJECTIVE

Definition: not exact

Examples: an inaccurate translation | the thermometer is inaccurate

Lemmas: inaccurate



Antonyms: accurate


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China Image Film Festival Outstanding Directing: Yang Shupeng - An Inaccurate Memoir
News media in the United States The widely shared belief that news stories are inaccurate cuts to the press’s core mission: Just 25% say that in general news organizations get the facts straight while 66% say stories are often inaccurate. As recently as four years ago, 39% said news organizations mostly get the facts straight and 53% said stories are often inaccurate." (Views of the News Media: 1985-2011
Gideon's Spies The book was heavily criticized as inaccurate by Daniel Pipes.
Standesamt Tremessen Population data may be inaccurate (see German census of 1895).
What's Love Got to Do with It (film) Ike Turner complained that Fishburne's portrayal of him was inaccurate.
United Kingdom local elections, 2006 This prediction may be seen to be almost entirely inaccurate.
Standesamt Usch Population data may be inaccurate (see German census of 1895).
Glischrochilus The following list may be incomplete or inaccurate:
Ros Altmann which found official information "inaccurate, incomplete, unclear and inconsistent".
Standesamt Schneidemühl Population data may be inaccurate (see German census of 1895).
Antillean Creole French An inaccurate English translation from the same source:
Billy Hayes (writer) For legal reasons, the film and book were deliberately inaccurate.
List of communities in Manitoba Some municipalities have since amalgamated, making this list inaccurate.
Standesamt Kolmar Population data may be inaccurate (see German census of 1895).
Standesamt Budsin Population data may be inaccurate (see German census of 1895).
Automated quality control of meteorological observations A meteorological observation at a given place can be inaccurate for a variety of reasons, such as a hardware defect. Quality control can help spot which meteorological observations are inaccurate.
Healthgrades The "Rocky Mountain News" concluded that Healthgrades had inaccurate physician disciplinary records (while competitor ChoicePoint had much greater accuracy) in 2004. The report also detailed the complaints of former Healthgrades employees and physicians that pursued legal actions after inaccurate reports.
Psoralen One inaccurate process for repairing psoralen crosslinks appears to employ a DNA polymerase to fill in the gap formed in the strand with the two incisions. This process is inaccurate because the complementary un-incised strand still retains a portion of the crosslink and thus cannot serve as an adequate template for accurate repair synthesis. Inaccurate repair synthesis can cause mutation. Psoralen monoadducts in the template DNA strand may also cause inaccurate replication bypass (translesion synthesis) that can lead to mutation. In phage T4, the increase in mutation observed after PUVA treatment was found to reflect translesion synthesis by wild-type DNA polymerase, likely due to imperfect proof reading capability.
Substitution bias Substitution Bias is an inaccurate measure and cannot correctly measure CPI.
China Image Film Festival Outstanding Actor in a Leading Role: Huang Xiaoming, An Inaccurate Memoir