Synsets for "complaisant"

Synset: complaisant.s.01

Synonyms: complaisant


Definition: showing a cheerful willingness to do favors for others

Examples: to close one's eyes like a complaisant husband whose wife has taken a lover | the obliging waiter was in no hurry for us to leave

Lemmas: complaisant obliging





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Tokyo International Players Nov 1972: "The Complaisant Lover" by Graham Greene (reading)
The Complaisant Lover "The Complaisant Lover" was first produced on 18 June 1959 by Sir John Gielgud at the Globe Theatre London. The cast included; Ralph Richardson as Victor Rhodes, Paul Scofield as Clive Root and Phyllis Calvert as Mary Rhodes.
Wa (Japan) Since early Chinese information about Wo/Wa peoples was based largely on hearsay, Wang Zhenping (2005:9) says, "Little is certain about the Wo except they were obedient and complaisant."
¡Basta Ya! The ¡Basta Ya! initiative is also very critical of official nationalism. They accuse the Basque government of being complaisant towards ETA and of sharing its ultimate political objectives, which is why Basta Ya suffers strong pressure from its political opponents.
The Complaisant Lover The Complaisant Lover is a 1959 comedy play by Graham Greene. Consisting of two acts, each of two scenes, the play revolves around an affair between Mary Rhodes and Clive Root, the book seller friend of her husband, Victor. The play takes place in the Rhodes family home and an Amsterdam guesthouse.
Philibert Tsiranana French officials in Madagascar continued to ensure the operation of the administrative machinery until 1963/1964. After that, they were reduced to an advisory role and, with rare exceptions, they lost all influence. In their concern for the renewal of their contracts, some of these adopted an irresponsible and complaisant attitude towards their ministers, directors, or department heads.
Gerald Flood (1959) He acted in Graham Greene's play, "The Complaisant Lover," at the Globe Theatre in London, England with Ralph Richardson, Paul Scofield, Phyllis Calvert, Lockwood West, Helen Lowry, Polly Adams, Hugh Janes, and Oliver Burt in the cast. John Gielgud was director.
Gerald Flood (1959) He acted in Graham Greene's play, "The Complaisant Lover," at the Opera House in Manchester, England with Ralph Richardson, Paul Scofield, Phyllis Calvert, Lockwood West, Helen Lowry, Polly Adams, Hugh James, and Oliver Burt in the cast. John Gielgud was director.
Sonnet 58 In line 9, the quarto's comma after tame is generally removed; editors have glossed the phrase "tame to sufferance" as "made tame to fortune's blows" (Malone); "bearing tamely even cruel distress" (Dowden); "complaisant in suffering" (Sidney Lee}; and "subdued so as to suffer" (Beeching).
Ivy Tripp In a press release, she said of the album: "The title "Ivy Tripp" is really just a term I made up for directionless-ness, specifically of the 20-something, 30-something, 40-something of today, lacking regard for the complaisant life path of our parents and grandparents."
Chetaka According to Jain text "Uttarapurāṇa", Chetaka was the king of Vaishali and was a famous and complaisant king. He is mentioned as a staunch follower of Jainism. According to the text, Chetaka had ten sons and seven daughters. His eldest daughter Priyakarini (also known as Trishala) was married to Siddartha. His another daughter Chellana married Shrenik (also known as Bimbisara).
Gerald Flood (1960) He acted in Graham Greene's play, "The Complaisant Lover," at the Globe Theatre in London, England with Ralph Richardson, Alan Dobie, Phyllis Calvert, Lockwood West, Helen Lowry, Polly Adams, Hugh Janes, and Ernst Ulman in the cast. John Gielgud was director.
Nicholas Hammond Hammond was less than 10 years old when he made his acting debut in the Broadway play "The Complaisant Lover" in 1961. At the same time, he began to shoot for the 1963 film "Lord of the Flies," which marked his film debut. After this, Hammond made what was to be his most visible screen role for many years, as Friedrich von Trapp (the elder of the two boys) in the 1965 hit "The Sound of Music".
Polly Adams Her theatre credits include Ida in "The Chiltern Hundreds", "Time and the Conways", "A Month in the Country", "Pygmalion", "Tis Pity She’s a Whore", "A Small Family Business", "Tons of Money", "Plunder", "The Philanderer", "Engaged", "Troilus and Cressida and Don Juan Comes Home from the War", "The Government Inspector", "Benefactors", "The Real Thing", "Present Laughter", "The Importance of Being Earnest", "Hay Fever", "The Merchant of Venice", "Private Lives", "The Complaisant Lover", and "Relatively Speaking", among several others.
Eastern Standard Michael Kuchwara, in his review for the Associated Press, wrote: "Alternately compassionate and caustic, funny and sad, "Eastern Standard" marks the arrival of a major playwrighting talent who has been percolating on the theater scene for several years...With "Eastern Standard," the playwright tackles bigger, more ambitious themes. He mixes his materialistic and upwardly mobile characters with such up-to-the-minute social concerns as the homeless and AIDS. It makes for an intriguing theatrical confrontation as his complaisant people face some unpleasant aspects of their society as well as their own social conventions."
Xun You The "Wei Shu" recorded that Cao Cao once said, "I have travelled with Xun Gongda for over 20 years. I can't find any fault with him." He also said, "Xun Gongda is truly a virtuous man; he fits the saying '(he is) benign, upright, courteous, temperate, and complaisant and thus he gets what he desires.' He is exactly the man described in this quote by Confucius: 'Yan Ping knew well how to maintain friendly intercourse. The acquaintance might be long, but he showed the same respect as at first.'"
Iosif Vulcan According to literary critic Cornelia Ștefănescu, Vulcan can be seen primarily as an "enthusiast", a man who wrote for various magazines in Transylvania and several in Pest, having written two by hand in his schooldays, before devoting his energies to "Familia"; who travelled widely and wrote about his experiences; who helped initiate societies before organizing their activities, crisscrossing Transylvania (including stops in Gherla, Deva, Șomcuta Mare, Năsăud and Oradea) while promoting Romanian culture. She observes that his writing lacks external stylization, "saccharine images, complaisant rhetoric or gratuitous elegies", instead drawing its essence from authentic, realist folk roots.
Jackson v A-G If that is so, it is not unthinkable that circumstances could arise where the courts may have to qualify a principle established on a different hypothesis of constitutionalism. In exceptional circumstances involving an attempt to abolish judicial review or the ordinary role of the courts, the Appellate Committee of the House of Lords or a new Supreme Court may have to consider whether this is a constitutional fundamental which even a sovereign Parliament acting at the behest of a complaisant House of Commons cannot abolish.
Henry Balnaves He promoted the act permitting the reading of the Scriptures in the vulgar tongue, and was one of the commissioners appointed to arrange a marriage treaty between the little queen and the future Edward VI. In London he was not considered so complaisant as some of the other commissioners, and was not made privy to all the engagements taken by his colleagues. However, Beton "loved him worst of all," and when Arran went over to the priestly party, Balnaves was deprived of his offices and imprisoned in Blackness Castle in November 1543.
The Parson's Wedding The Captain's plot against the Parson comes to fruition when the Parson goes to bed drunk; the plotters slip the elderly Bawd into his bed in place of Wanton, then burst in disguised as watchmen and constables. They drag him before a supposed Justice of the Peace (actually Mr. Wild in disguise). The Parson confronts social and professional ruin for his apparent sexual misconduct; even when the trick is revealed, he risks profound embarrassment over its possible exposure. The frightened Parson is cowed into the status of a wittol, a complaisant cuckold, as Wanton pursues her erotic adventures; he even joins in some of the further schemes of his tricksters.