Synsets for "bustling"

Synset: bustle.v.01

Synonyms: bustle

Part of Speech: VERB

Definition: move or cause to move energetically or busily

Examples: The cheerleaders bustled about excitingly before their performance

Lemmas: bustle bustle_about hustle

Hypernym: move




Synset: bustling.s.01

Synonyms: bustling


Definition: full of energetic and noisy activity

Examples: a bustling city

Lemmas: bustling





Related Wikipedia Samples:

Article Related Text
Treasure Beach There are a number of small, bustling restaurants.
Abids The famous Jagdish market, a bustling grey market for mobiles and electronics, is also located here.
Marina, Egypt The resort was the site of a bustling Greco-Roman port two thousand years ago.
Villach Today, Villach is a bustling city with commerce and recreation, yet it retains its historic background.
Hamilton, Tasmania Hamilton was once a bustling frontier town that contained many inns and several working breweries.
Dermott Brereton Brereton was known for his bustling style and strong marking abilities and off the ball scuffles.
Sidhbari The small town of Sidhbari is bustling with activity due to several local attractions.
Eifionydd R. Williams Parry's poem "Eifionydd" contrasts rural Eifonydd with the bustling slate quarries of Dyffryn Nantlle.
Capriccio burlesco The work lasts about 7 minutes and is exuberant, bustling and jaunty.
Carmona, Cavite Moreover, numerous traders and retailers are housed in the bustling Carmona Public Market.
Orchestral Suite in G minor, BWV 1070 The concluding movement is a bustling piece written in a learned imitative style.
Harrington Harbour, Quebec Today, fishing is still the main activity, with a bustling public wharf and fish plant.
List of cities in Stanislaus County (by population) The Central Valley's "City of Action" has grown from a small town to a bustling city full of new homes.
Courbevoie There are also a large number of city buses that come through the bustling La Défense station.
Republic of Crimea Because of international sanctions Crimea's once bustling IT-sector has been reduced to a few IT companies.
Tourism in Finland Helsinki is relatively small and intimate but lively and bustling. The nearby islands are its summer delights.
Doon, Ontario Although never large, at one time it was a bustling community with sawmills, a rope factory and other businesses.
Mejiro Station Mejiro is one of the Yamanote Line's smaller stations, situated between bustling Ikebukuro and relatively quiet Takadanobaba.
Nakano, Tokyo Five special wards surround Nakano: Shinjuku, Suginami, Nerima, Shibuya, and Toshima. It lies just west of the bustling Shinjuku area.
Khusro Bagh The garden has now lend its name to the surrounding locality of Khusrobagh, which is now bustling township.